‘How ’bout them Cowboys…’




Can’t believe it is time to go back to Cowboy Town for the  2014 National Finals Rodeo. What can we say?  We have a weakness for the danger and excitement of man vs. beast in an arena. A rodeo arena.

We would have a terrible time at a Mexican Bullfighting arena, however.  No no no no!!!!  No can do— watching that level of man vs. beast excitement. NO WAY, José!

But…we must confess, in Caesar’s time, we would probably have had season tickets at the Coliseum…only due to the fact that it would have been sort of expected of us (ummm, mandated or otherwise pressured by the locals).

You know…’when in Rome, do as the Romans do…’

C J  loves those cowboys, and enjoys cheering them all on…she often wonders what their poor mamas must be doing to keep from going insane with worry over their sons who choose to work within a hoof-stomp of death



So she’s off to Sin City once again…the annual pilgrimage in keeping with a tradition of following the National Finals Rodeo…yeeehawwwww!  Mousie will be left to his own devices…also left to the responsibility of behaving himself…oy vay…


Cheers Y’all!


©C.S.Thompson, 2014.

One Response to “‘How ’bout them Cowboys…’”

  1. I hope C.J. has a wonderful time Mousie but I’m also oping maybe you’ve been left in charge to keep us entertained again. Unless there’s a little female Mousie somewhere you’re going to entertain yourself with……….
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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