Mousie’s Special –Dancin’ With Bulls



What the Bok-Buk-buk-kok???

What the Bok-Buk-buk-kok???

Hey everybody! I’m back! CJ is letting me command your attention, as she and her  personal cowboy attend the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in  Lost Wages  Las Vegas, Nevada.


This is no job for the chickens!

This is no job for the chickens! Birdbrains…


Usually, when the music stops, or the feelin’ fades, or when the 8-second buzzer sounds, a cowboy and his partner go their separate ways…ah well, breaking up is hard to do…sometimes, cowboys just can’t let go, when it comes to riding bulls. Today, I am going to show you a few one-minute clips of Pro Bull Riders (PBR) who couldn’t get a clean break from their ‘partners’…this isn’t a rare occurrence…it is just part of the hazard in the job of riding bulls. *** Please Note: all of the cowboys, bullfighters, and bulls were uninjured by the end of the dance 😀 ***

This is going to give you a clearer insight of what goes into a day’s work when rodeo life is the life you live.

This looks pretty scary…


But…this is a tad more intense…

Poor Mike Lee…seems he has more bad luck when it comes to making a clean getaway! This time he gets a real bang for the buck!

See ya tomorrow, xxx Morguie xxx


© C.S. Thompson, 2014.



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