Special Feature: Soldier’s Poem

For the other fine allied forces, imagine your own national flag…it seems the message would still be clear, no matter the country.




Thanks for letting us share it with you.

CJ and Morguie

2 Responses to “Special Feature: Soldier’s Poem”

  1. Outstanding, CJ & Morguie. The military are a special breed.

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  2. A wonderful poem ab about the common serving man. I believe they are there through choice to do what they can to protect the public of their country.
    I have little or no trust in the military leaders and none at all in the Politicians who find or create reasons for our soldiers to go to war. Lives are lost in pursuit of oil or to make the weapons manufacturers richer. Very few are fought against a standing army of another country so civilians too are collateral damage. Bring soldiers home and let them prepare to fight against invasion but no more send them off to fight in someone else’s country where they are not welcome.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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