Jupiter, the Talking Cat – Final Act



Hi there everybody!  Are you all getting ready for Santa Claus?  I am sure he will be by to fill all of your stockings…I think you’re a NICE crowd, especially since you come in to see ME!!!

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Anyway…remember several months back, when we had Jupiter, the talking cat as our guest video? Actually, Jupiter was in 2 clips…he was trying to fight off temptation…after all, there were a bunch of new fishies in the tank and he really just wanted ‘One little fishy…’  http://wp.me/p3m3ZG-1sC


Here is the final part to that trilogy of Jupey and the New Fish…the truth is revealed…did Jupey eat the fish? Or did Jupey tell the truth when he told on his brother, Kona?


We were very sad to learn that Jupiter crossed the Rainbow Bridge, earlier this month…we thought all of you should know.

Losing one of our cherished pets is as hard as losing a cherished human loved one.   Today we want to send this beautiful dedication of “Rainbow Bridge” out to ALL of our friends who are grieving the loss of a dear and loyal animal companion… (credit: Great Lakes Pet Memorial the original poster on YouTube)


We are terribly sorry that such a funny friend had to leave our world…he really was so funny. Such a sweet kitty. Jupiter’s Family created a video montage which highlights Jupey in his fabulous stardom.  🙂   R.I.P. Friend!

We shall miss him, and our hearts go out to his family :  may you be comforted in knowing Jupiter was loved by millions of people because he made them laugh. Those who enjoyed watching his silly antics will surely be grieving with you.

©2014, C.S. Thompson.



2 Responses to “Jupiter, the Talking Cat – Final Act”

  1. I don’t doubt for a minute that Ju is sitting up there surrounded by all the dear pets we lost and probably a few others too. Oscar the cat. Joey II the budgie, all the rats Penny, Amy, Bernie and Priya and Ju’s horse. I hope they’ll stop charging around long enough to wait for me.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx
    Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

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