Where Is The Outrage?

Sad, sad day…2 cops cut down in execution-style shooting in NYC…for perpetrating the heinous act of attempting to eat lunch in their patrol car.

Where is Obama today? His phone doesn’t work? His mouth unable to speak to this?

Where is the outrage today?

The silence is deafening….


9 Responses to “Where Is The Outrage?”

  1. Traditional Values and Respect for pretty much everything are now removed from the daily norm.
    The Media has taken sides with those who are so prepared to make a shambles of our once good and righteous Republic.


  2. A GOOD question!! Here in Florida we had a Tarpon Springs officer shot down the same night. I guess we shouldn’t bother Obama during his Hawaii vacation.

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    • It is most disturbing to realize that there is an open season on cops. This is the first I have heard of your Florida cop. Why haven’t we heard about that!? I cannot believe the way the world is becoming!


      • I don’t know why the father of of 6 is barely being mentioned and what really burns me up is they not only show the man [who is alive by the way] who shot and ran over the cop, but they begin and end the report with “and the suspect said he apologizes”…. [IMO – it’s too late – the police officer is dead]


        • Wow. Such a sad comment on the state of things…and yet, so many do not question the motives of the ‘mainstream’ media, they just take that news as ‘gospel.’


          • Don’t they know that the media is only interested in tv ratings and subscription sales? They are actually being used by the media, they riled things up to start trouble and bingo – another story!


  3. Hard to press like button on this but echo your thoughts.

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