Horrid De ja Vu


Breaking News: ANOTHER airplane full of passengers has disappeared. Oh My God. Same general area…passengers trying to get to Singapore from Malaysia.

Please folks…let’s channel our hope and collective care and concern…for just a moment. Let’s hope this is not another mystery…that this flight and the people will ultimately be found alive…let’s really hope that

this is not an act of evil.



4 Responses to “Horrid De ja Vu”

  1. You have expressed what I am praying for too, thank you.

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    • It is a fearful and unnerving feeling that something terribly evil underlies this latest event. I hope God will comfort us in our anxiety until an answer comes.


  2. Indeed… and I hope CNN doesn’t make this into a speculative revenue stream!


  3. I echo your hopes CJ.


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