Let Them Find Comfort






angelCOMPASSIONWe are very sad for the families who have lost loved ones on the Indonesian flight…it’s confirmed that the flight crashed off the coast of Borneo. As we write, there have been some 40 bodies already brought up from the debris field at the crash site. They are actively searching for anyone who may still be alive, but the chances of that are slim.

We are keeping those affected by this tragic event in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers.




8 Responses to “Let Them Find Comfort”

  1. My dear friend , Health and happiness to you in the New Year. With love Maxima


  2. Yet another terrible event. I feel for all the families.
    I love the owl and cherry blossom picture.
    xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

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    • We can be relieved that at least they were able to find and recover this plane and the passengers, so the people have a defined resolution…not closure. There is no such thing as closure, just acceptance and remembrance.
      As for the Owl compliment: Mousie picked that. He says thank you and wants to know when he can come to your house…he’s mad because he’s been put on a little diet and he wants crackers..he’s reasonably sure you’ll treat him better.
      Love and hugest hugs, xxx CJ xxx

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      • Great taste Mousie. Come anytime. You’ll hardly take up any room. I’ll find all the crackers you need.
        xxx Massive Hugs CJ xxx

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        • Ha ha. I think Mousie would give Big Al a run for his money. I think with all the attention that I’m sure that David would lavish upon Mousie, there may be mutiny in the fish tank.

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          • Let me say, Suz…Mousie is a bit selfish and spoiled. He would absolutely need to be the utmost center of annoyance, er, I mean attention…at all times. Make no mistake about that. As for the mutiny in the tank, Mousie is deathly afraid of boxes of water, such as fishes live in. It would be wonderful if “Big Al” were to show up at tank’s corner edge while Mousie is pressed to the outer glass…an impeccable Kodak moment to capture as the fat furry one jumps a foot high, sure that Jaws was about to snap at his fat rump.

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          • I think I’d love to see a photo of Mousie and Big Al in a Mexican Standoff. 😀

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