Sleep Tight, Enoki

C J never tucks ME into MY bed…wait…I don’t even HAVE A BED! Wow, I am so deprived!!!
Maybe one you lovely followers or visitors will help my cause…I think I am missing out on some vital pampering!
See you all later, Hugs — Morguie the UN-pampered MorgueMouse

7 Responses to “Sleep Tight, Enoki”

  1. How did civilization survive so long wothout YouTube?

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  2. Sorry Morguie, if there’s any of that kind of pampering going on, I want my share too. C J is far too nice not to pamper you so I’m sure you’re getting some pampering already.
    Hugs xxx

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    • Oh sure…well, she’s gonna miss me…I’ll be on my way soon, David. Can’t wait to see Wales! And to taste the snacks at your house, mmmmm.
      Hugs, Morguie xxxx


  3. That is so cute. Morguie definitely deserves such treatment.

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