I have alluded, in comments, that the Mouse is on a restricted diet. Let’s face it, we all have trouble beating back temptation when it comes to eating all the goodies of holiday time. But, folks, the Mouse had no shame. He took indulging to an all-time high. Therefore he has been whining a bit about how ‘deprived’ his life is lately. Poor little fuzzy, obese mouse.

(Getting out the tiny violin, now).

A violin

The final straw came when he appealed to our cherished friend and Mousie’s biggest fan, Lord David over at https://barsetshirediaries.wordpress.com/ to take him in because I wasn’t spoiling him enough…then,  to really get my dander up, Mousie decided he would have the audacity to re-blog the cute clip he found at another blog, “Sleep Tight, Enoki.”

ENOUGH! Scram!

He’s been pretty lazy lately anyway. So I said he could just go if he thought he needed to act like that.

He knows he’s ultra-spoiled here. I am guilty of allowing him to have extra snacks, when I know it really isn’t good for him. I am only looking after him for his own good; he obviously needs supervision.  But, he’s trying to make me  look like the Monster of Monsters and I had to put my foot down.

So…off he goes. To Wales. In the United Kingdom.

Distance is 8620 kilometers or 5356 miles or 4654 nautical miles…

Mind you, we live in Southern California. Hmmm. Methinks he won’t quite make his destination.

Los Angeles, USA to Cardiff, Wales, UK

Los Angeles, USA to Cardiff, Wales, UK


What do you all think?




(((Photo credited to our friend Ray over at http://villageundertaker.wordpress.com, who tweeted it recently…thanks, Ray! )))


HIT THE ROAD, TOAD!!!  To the land of Biscuits and Whiskers we go!!!

Bon Voyage, Rotund Rodent. Write me, won’t you?

Probably find him on my pillow in the morning, begging for forgiveness, and a breakfast biscuit.

And, I’ll cave in…again! 😛

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Thanks again for coming by…



©C.S. Thompson, 2015.


5 Responses to “Uber-ish”

  1. Bwahahaha. Can’t wait to hear if he turns up or not.


  2. If He lived here he could use the excuse of needing to pack on some winter weight as a hedge against the cold.

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  3. So, I’m not to get my house guest then.A shame, I’d have welcomed the company but even I’d have been strict with food. I hope you get round to forgiving the little bundle of joy.
    xxx Massive Hugs C J xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • We shall have to see if he gives up his exploits or completes his quest…I highly doubt the little soul is built to endure the rigors of such a journey…he looks so…well…pathetic! From here, I couldn’t see that he’d even packed a snack — then again, knowing him, he ate it before he even started out.
      If you see him, though, expect a real hard-luck story. He’s a sucker for attention and pity. 😉
      MassiveR hugs, xxxxx CJ xxxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

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