International Holocaust Remembrance Day

English: The main gate at the former Nazi deat...

English: The main gate at the former Nazi death camp of Birkenau. Note that this is inside the camp looking back from the loading ramp to the “Gate of Death”.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AUSCHWITZ CONCENTRATION CAMP    —- Liberation Day   70th  Anniversary

Some 1.1 million people, mostly Jews, were killed there between 1940 and 1945, when the Soviets liberated the camp.

It is expected to be the last major anniversary event survivors are able to attend in considerable numbers.

The entrance to Camp I at Auschwitz, with the ...

The entrance to Camp I at Auschwitz, with the sign on the gate reading Arbeit macht frei (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


May we as human beings never allow for this terror to take place again.

Please click on the following links to learn more about the terrible atrocities and mass-murders of men, women, and children. Let us not forget history’s great lessons.

We are all brothers and sisters here on this earth.






A very graphic pictorial and history site that I encourage all visitors to stop to see:

Peace Be With You All,


©C.S. Thompson, 2015.


5 Responses to “International Holocaust Remembrance Day”

  1. Thanks for sharing this CJ. It’s so sad that there are people today who would start this madness again.

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  2. I want a day to come when people stop hating. For the sake of generations to come the killing must stop or the legacy we have left them is worth nothing at all.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    • I hear you, my dear friend. But…we still recount the Atilas, Hitlers, Greco-Romans, Vikings, and the history of the past…we (the world) might want to do everything we can now to ensure our era doesn’t bear this legacy. Biggest hugs, xxxx Cj and Mousie xxxx

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  3. Heartafire Says:

    I can’t like this, but I appreciate that you have brought this forward today, lest we forget…thank you!


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