Happiest 27th Birthday to C J’s Daughter, Holly

Where has all the time gone, my beautiful little girl? The day you were born became my first day of motherhood. What a powerful thing it is — the love a mother feels for her baby! Words could never describe the feeling of love at that moment.

A love between a mother and her child that no earthly force can change or destroy.

I love you. I am so blessed to have been your mother. I am in awe of what you have grown to become as a human being.

So very, very proud of you…of both of my little girls…so much love for you both, each and every single day!

Happy, Happy Birthday, my “Holly Dolly.”

7 Responses to “Happiest 27th Birthday to C J’s Daughter, Holly”

  1. My baby just turned 18. How the time flies. 🙂

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  2. CJ, your daughter has grown into a beautiful woman. You must be very proud!!!

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    • Thanks, Gp. Yes, she makes me so proud. She has so much to handle. She has her schoolwork and raising a special needs child, and a 1st grader. Her hubby is so good, too. He works really hard to provide for them. The baby has so many medical problems. She is awesome!

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  3. Hmmm, I’m getting the idea you kinda like her?
    Penblwydd Hapus Holly from Wales.
    xxx Huge Hugs CJ and Mousie xxx

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