Giving Up On This Blog: We Say Good-Bye

We haven’t been in since we caught the flu a few weeks ago. While we may “just be feeling wiped out” we believe we have pretty much lost our creative ability. It seems we have hit THE MOTHER of all writers’ blocks…

It makes us a mad…more than that, S-A-D!!! So many friends we have met and made here. People who were sincere in their following of this silly site. You know who you are…and we absolutely love and appreciate you all. We bid you a good good-bye…

And we want to leave on a “good note” so we close with a video that no doubt has gone “viral”









A P R I L      F O O L S !!!!!!!

P.S. Nope we ain’t going nowhere!  Dry your eyes ( haha) and stay tuned…we are on the mend…see you all very, very soon!

CJ and Morguie

8 Responses to “Giving Up On This Blog: We Say Good-Bye”

  1. Cruel, very cruel, you scared me to death then. Remember you can always email me for a direct response in language I can’t use in public if you want to do this to me again.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • We beg your forgiveness…with red-faces. We can NOT imagine our sweet David ever KNOWING, never mind UTTERING an expletive such as what you suggested…we’ll do our very best to keep you pure and sweet, and not coax the shore-leave sailor to the surface again!
      We love to do the A.F. thing…what can we say? LOL!
      Massive hugs, xxxXXXX CJ and Mouse xxxXXX

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  2. Aw, I’m going to miss you and the little guy CJ. I’ll keep a light on in case you get past the block and want to give it a go again. If not, best of luck in all you do.

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