Mousie’s Gone Martian!

The Gig Is Up…They Got ME!
Gosh, can’t a mouse have a little peace and vacation time without the paparazzo? 
So, there you have it kids, that’s why you haven’t seen me in a while….
Hope this finds you all well…I have been away and thus unable to keep regular in here…but I hope you haven’t given up on us…we will be back as soon as the holidays pass, maybe sooner. Take care, and thanks for stopping in to see what we are up to.

CJ and Morguie

Mouse Mars.jpgmarsmousie.jpg

15 Responses to “Mousie’s Gone Martian!”

  1. Glad to see you’ve read my comment CJ. Take care.


  2. Six months without you CJ and Morguie – miss you.

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    • Awwww. That is so sweet! I don’t know what happened to us, really…we sort of lost our initiative or “ooomph” to keep going…some of this was due to seeing our stuff being “autoliked” seconds after publishing to the blog…some of it was due to the profound sadness and grief over losing our best boy, our “Shadow” doggy. Sounds a little silly…but he was a daily joy and huge part of daily life around here…so things were immediately changed when he died in June. Just having a creative dull spot or block. Hope to return with something worthy of your sweet time and attention. We appreciate you and the other several that were avid watchers of our offerings. YOU made it all worthwhile from the first effort…that touches us immensely. We miss you too and as soon as we can get other misc. business we’ve been attending to mostly handled, we will return to try again. Health issues have also had a hand in recent months. Will be having the right shoulder rotator cuff repaired soon and it will be darn near impossible to type much..but hope to try..perhaps this arm will be a better overall medical outcome. Twice the left rotator has had to be repaired…the revision was extreme and the rehab slow and painful. It is once again in need of repair but due to the painful experience thus far, we will opt not to do anything at this point..wait and see.
      We hope you are well and still doing your wonderful work of educating folks of the REAL stories behind the wars this great nation’s men and women have fought and sacrificed for over its history…this is the only real way to get the truth out there and you deserve a medal just for that hard work and dedication you put into each piece. You truly should be proud of this accomplishment. Thank you for lifting us up today with your brief but heartfelt comment. It made our day.
      CJ and Mousie

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      • My remark may have been brief, but it was heartfelt and it pains me to hear of your additional problems. As you recall, we basically did start out on this blog-type journey together.
        As far as those “I clicked your “Like” button – so click on mine” type people, I found if you ignore them, they DO eventually fade away and what you’re left with are your cyber-friends (so-to-speak).
        Take care and (as strong a person as I know you are), come back soon! [Just post pictures or something if you can’t type – to ease back in.]

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