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“Morguie” is the narrator behind the telling of  true-life experiences through the voice of a mere house mouse. The mouse’s journal is transcribed by a mortal named “CJ” even though the blog shows MorgueMouse as the ‘author.’ At this point, which is frankly the BIRTH time of this blog, CJ remains to be discovered in the real-world matters of these articles. However, what can be understood, and should be inferred, is that CJ happens to have real-life workaday knowledge of the goings-on behind the closed doors in the mortuary world, as a former funeral director and embalmer. CJ had been ‘universally trained’ in the funeral profession to include matters about cremation, cemetery business, mortuary business, and total care and preparation of the deceased.



Although CJ does not practice in the funeral service profession any longer, she finds it impossible to forget. The characters and descriptions contained in these posts are derived from real situations and events. Some fictionalization or elements have been incorporated to enable certain characters to ease the storytelling and ease the continuity or flow of the approach .

Of course decency and dignity are paramount in the protection of the privacy of the real-world people contained within this blog. Their grief and sorrow, among other things, has enabled CJ to learn so much more about people, families, and the deceased themselves. CJ is humbled to have had such in-depth first-person witness to the spectrum of grief and unique tributes shown in the honoring of our beloved departed ones.


Any resemblance of the characters or names of persons is purely accidental, or coincidental to any living or dead. All care and consideration for the real folks behind the stories is being exercised to shield their very private and sacred experiences without further adding to their burdens of grief, loss, and personal pain. The mouse is the vehicle that drives the journal, CJ merely controls the wheel and the pedals. CJ and Morguie feel the utmost privilege and honor for having had the opportunity to serve and bear witness to the stories of families, and the honoring of their loved ones. They have been enriched and blessed to have been a part.

**THIS IS AN ORIGINAL WORK & I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU ASK MY PERMISSION BEFORE USING ANY OF PART OF MY COPYRIGHTED  MATERIALS.  Anything in addition to my own original work will be credited to the sources from which they were obtained when possible. All of my creative works herein are mine, protected by copyright, with all rights reserved.

…BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, we acknowledge the pain and personal losses of those real folks whose stories are recalled or creatively depicted and sometimes fictionalized to enable flow of  factual details:

So, Greatest care has been taken to protect  identities of families, Individuals,  whether living or dead,   and true locations of the events, times, places, and other  details depicted in stories and other content in this personal blog,  by obscuring and altering proper nouns and names, rendering them anonymous. **Any  resemblance to actual people, events, or locations, is completely, and purely coincidental or unintentional;  unrelated to any particular person, living or dead. All work is protected under the copyright laws of the U.S.A. and other international legal protections of the original creation produced by C.S. Thompson, the author and owner of the blog’s content, title, personal graphic media, and characters employed within.

10 Responses to “About This Blog”

  1. Just to let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Leibster award: http://yellowmumblog.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/976/


    • You’re too sweet.So thoughtful. I fouled up the first and only one award I did accept.(Liebster) However, I have received it.
      I no longer accept awards. Just hugs, and occasional applause!
      Here is the link to he page, which I have freshened up:
      Thanks for being so kind! Hugs, CJ


  2. […] finally, a very special pair of shoes that I know my friend CJ over at  A Morgue Mouse will love, because chickens are people too! Are you a chicken lover like Flea? Fear no more, you […]


    • YES they are…and we need a pair of those 5 minutes ago! We gave our Buff Orpington hens away to the dude down the road last month, and I just know HE ATE THEM…so I need a nice set of the cuteness these pumps possess so I won’t feel so awful.
      Get busy Doggy, get me some results!


  3. Your writing style is really wonderful. I discovered you when I did a keyword search for ‘hoarders’ and that linked me to one of your posts. I think this is the first time I’ve ever been grateful for being a hoarder…it led me to your delightful blog!!!!!
    Thank you for following us! We love following you! Can’t wait for more stories!!!!!
    k- of k&p Catalano


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