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Horrid De ja Vu

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Breaking News: ANOTHER airplane full of passengers has disappeared. Oh My God. Same general area…passengers trying to get to Singapore from Malaysia.

Please folks…let’s channel our hope and collective care and concern…for just a moment. Let’s hope this is not another mystery…that this flight and the people will ultimately be found alive…let’s really hope that

this is not an act of evil.



Special Feature: World Class Travel at It’s Most Decadent

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Hey Everybody! C J here…I am back!  However, Mousie missed his connection, umm, I mean there was a goof with the  baggage check-thru.  Somehow he went on to see Cincinnati, Ohio…snafu in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Or could’ve been Omaha.

Anyway, not to worry, the airline will deliver him later —at least,  I hope so.  Otherwise I get a voucher for $750 to replace him…is that a hoot or what?! That WOULD BUY A LOT OF CRACKERS!

Awww, you all know I am only making a joke!  OF COURSE, MOUSIE will return. 

He is the star of this show, after all….I’d be out to the curb if the Mousie weren’t here. He gets all the love!

In the meantime, I have a bunch of stuff to attend to before I can write a real post.  This story was featured on “” —  I wish it were a video…but this guy writes about his adventure so perfectly that you will almost feel like you are witnessing things as they unfold.

It’s his adventure taking the ULTIMATE FLIGHT of PURE LUXURY, unlike any other.

The phenomenal fare for this excursion would be far too much to pay for an airplane ride, even if I could pay it without worry.

I had to laugh out loud when he mentioned he was “cash-poor” but ‘airline miles rich’…  you’ll find out, lol…

…and this young man could REALLY put away some serious eats, as well! I’m thinking: tapeworm?  Bwahahaa! Kidding!  I wondered just exactly HOW MANY airline rewards miles  it would  take to cover THIS ride???  

Enjoy! We shall return a bit later…perhaps tomorrow.

CJ,  sans the Rodent, gosh darn it I sure miss the little guy!




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Morguie Chats With C J : How Do They Move On? Survivors of Those Presumed Dead

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**The past few weeks have been wrought with an endless stream of media coverage and global debate over the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian airliner that was en route to China. Every theory from terrorist plots to parallel universes have been suggested, however we still have no idea (at the time of this writing) what became of the Boeing 777 and the 239 people aboard it after the communications ceased shortly after it took off from the airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on March 8. 

On March 24, the Malaysian government decided to make an announcement concluding that the plane ‘had crashed into the sea; based on an analysis of the last-known signals the jet sent to a satellite, the plane veered to a remote location far from any possible landing sites…have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived.’ — Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak statement.**

Boeing 777-200

“C J, what happened to all those people on that plane? How could they just disappear like that?” I asked.

“I don’t know, Mouse. Nobody really knows right now.” C J replied.

“So why did they say that the plane crashed into the ocean if they don’t know?”

C J stared blankly back at me. I could see she didn’t understand it, either. But she tried to explain.

“Well, Mousie, I suppose it’s been pretty crazy over there in Malaysia and in China for all the people waiting for some word about the plane.  After all, so many people were on that plane and if they all have families waiting at home for them…,” her voice trailed.

C J continued, “…I’d guess it must be pretty awful for those people just to wait and wait…and still no plane yet. I mean, where really could it be? It’s still being searched for. They haven’t given up looking. But the Chinese people are really upset and afraid they aren’t getting the truth about the whole thing.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Well, probably because there are so many different ideas about what might have happened. Those poor families have to rely on what news they are getting. It doesn’t help when you live in countries that don’t allow freedom of press or that don’t completely trust one another, diplomatically.”

“So, do they just go home now and forget about picking that family or friend up at the airport now? What do they do now? What does this mean? Might somebody swim away somehow, like a miracle, and make it back okay?”

C J looked at me and half-smiled; I know she thinks I’m silly…until she remembers that I am just an animal. I don’t understand, really.








Isn’t it possible for some strange miracle? Isn’t that what this thing humans call “hope” is about?

“Mousie, I wish I could tell you what you wish to know. Sadly, the only thing I do know: there are a great many people in terrible angst over the status of their loved ones at this moment. Some may have even lost more than one or two family members or good friends. It is awful not to have any idea if they died, especially since there is not one shred of evidence saying so.

They have not seen one piece of wreckage yet! No dead bodies. No luggage. No bits. No pings from the aircraft’s black box.

Therefore, it is a huge shock in the first place just trying to understand that the plane just vanished, seemingly. Then weeks go by. Nothing. Think about it. NOTHING! Yet, those people are waiting, going on worries and no sleep. They imagine the worst, but they pray for miracles. Day in and day out. Imagine living each day like that…,”C J explained.

“I can’t imagine how painful for them that must be. It truly must be awful,” I replied.

“  But, Mouse, you see, that’s not such an easy thing to just understand or accept, especially in this situation.”

“Is that because they think they are lying? Because they don’t trust?”

“No, no! It’s because there’s no reason to point to which definitely says ‘yes, it is so, yes those people on the plane are dead’ and the reason to hold onto hope still exists, however it is getting late, and the chances seem not to be in favor of finding anyone alive, I would suspect,” C J said.

“Mousie, it’s very complicated. Just know that this is like a worst-case scenario for people who must grieve a loss over the death of a dear one. It is an untimely, unexpected death. In addition, it comes without any reason or explanation. And the hardest part: there isn’t even a body to help make the reality of the whole thing make any sense for the survivors. It’s like the worst nightmare ever. However, as long as there isn’t any way to prove that all of this really happened, the families will continue to believe that somewhere, somehow their loved one may yet be alive.”


“What if they never ever find that plane or the people?” I asked.

“Morguie, we need to pray that they DO. Just pray that they do find it. Those families all need the final answer. They cannot go on living like this without one, forever unbelieving. Some of them won’t be able to go on.  Even though they really must live on, some people tend to wither away due to tragic circumstances such as this. With the whole world concerned over this mystery and unanswered event, we all need to know how the story will end. Until then, let’s keep those who wait for missing family members in our thoughts and prayers.”


May they all be comforted knowing the entire world waits with them in spirit, for the definitive answer. May they have peace and consolation they need once the truth can be known.


Until then, let no one disparage them for their faith and hope in what may be possible.

Let the world bestow only mercy and compassion upon those at the darkest hours of their sorrow and support them through it with grace.

For now, it may be all they have.

©2014, C.S. Thompson.




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Disasters In The Air

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English: National Transportation Safety Board ...

English: National Transportation Safety Board image of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 – It is a still of This video (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

14 years ago today, on January 31, 2000, an Alaska Airlines MD-83 crashed into the Pacific Ocean off Point Mugu, California. All 88 passengers and crew aboard were killed.

Disasters—natural or man-made— have the potential to terminate hundreds or even thousands of lives in an instant. These kinds of events may or may not strike with warning. Air crash disasters very often occur following a rapid sequence of events, usually involving a mechanical malfunction or communication failure which have severely disabled a craft’s ability to recover or sustain propulsion to continue. This terrible time, possibly just minutes, is about all the on-board crew and passengers have in the way of a warning.

Victims of air crashes are typically very badly injured, often more so by the intense fire and heat, than the trauma of the crash’s final impact. Unfortunately, recovery of the victims’ remains is a slow process, due to verification on multiple levels to ensure accurate identification of each person.

These sudden deaths are especially difficult for the families who survive the losses. The grief process is complicated by intense shock, disbelief, and complete lack of anticipation or preparation for the possibility of such an event. Further difficulty arises when there is no possibility of viewing the body, which is important in beginning the grief process, in accepting that the death is real. People who must mourn the loss of a loved one through a sudden and traumatic death are encouraged to seek counseling from well-qualified grief counselors.

©C.S. Thompson, 2013-14.

English: Path of Alaska Airlines Flight 261| b...

English: Path of Alaska Airlines Flight 261| before crash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



US Navy 000202-N-5961C-007 Alaska Airlines 261...

US Navy 000202-N-5961C-007 Alaska Airlines 261 recovery operations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sundial memorial for the Alaska Airlines Fligh...

Sundial memorial for the Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crash the January 31st, off the coast of California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But what then, does one do if they have a loved one on a flight that simply vanishes?
We’ll speak more about unresolved grief at another time, but we wanted our readers to know that we found a case, about a flight full of passengers, that for no explanation or logical one anyway, simply…disappeared. 
From “Wiki” here:
1951 Canadian Pacific Air Lines Douglas DC-4 disappearance
At 18:35 the DC-4 departed Vancouver International AirportCanada on a scheduled flight to Tokyo; it was due to stop over at Anchorage Airport in Alaska.[2] The flight was on schedule and reported at the Cape Spencer intersection in British Columbia 90 minutes out from Anchorage; it gave an estimate of 24:00 for Yakutat in Alaska.[1][2] The weather in the area was heavy rain and icing conditions with a visibility of 500 feet.[2] Nothing further was heard from the aircraft, and at 00:44 an emergency warning was issued when the aircraft was overdue to report.[1] The United States Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force carried out an extensive search but failed to find any trace of the aircraft or its 37 occupants.[1] The search was finally called off on 31 October 1951.[1]
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