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Mousie’s Gone Martian!

Posted in Animals, Holidays, NASA, Pets, Space, Traveling on November 29, 2015 by Morguie
The Gig Is Up…They Got ME!
Gosh, can’t a mouse have a little peace and vacation time without the paparazzo? 
So, there you have it kids, that’s why you haven’t seen me in a while….
Hope this finds you all well…I have been away and thus unable to keep regular in here…but I hope you haven’t given up on us…we will be back as soon as the holidays pass, maybe sooner. Take care, and thanks for stopping in to see what we are up to.

CJ and Morguie

Mouse Mars.jpgmarsmousie.jpg

A Journey Reaches The End of The Road

Posted in Animals, bereavement, Birthday, Cherished memories, Death Avoidance, Family, Grief, Loss, Love, Mourning, Pet Loss, Pets, Relationships with tags , , on June 26, 2015 by Morguie
Shadow, age 13

Shadow, age 13, May 2015

He was born 9-20-01, in the days after the surreal tragedy of 9/11.

He seemed at first, to CJ, to be just another black lab puppy. He would become so much more in the years to come. More like an Angel in a dog’s form…he would bond to her like no other animal she had ever known or called a pet…so loyal, faithful, and compassionate. So unlike a regular dog, he was to her, EXTRAORDINARY; other-worldly, actually.

He seemed to understand, in his gentle way. He loved her unconditionally, as he did everyone who loved him.

He would have a wonderful, full life working the hunts each fall with Daddy. He would accompany Mommy and Daddy anywhere he could, always by their side, as if to act as guardian angels do.

He was fondly called Mommy’s “baby bear” — because Daddy is her big teddy bear. She would pronounce him the kingly Prince of her heart.

As the years peeled away, his face and paws had begun to gray…CJ fretted at the thought that ‘someday’ he would have to leave them. It would be among the saddest in her life, the day that would take her Shadow away.

She would whisper in his silkiest of pup’s ears, not to go now. Stay with me. Just a little while longer…whatever will I do? How would I go on without you here each day?

More years passed, his hips were worn and he was slowing down. He was losing weight in spite of having a snacky whenever Mommy would toss it…in the final months, that was quite often.

She had tried so hard to get ready; the time was coming soon, she thought. Still, he held on, so happy to see Mommy and Daddy each day.

In the mid-weeks of June they were going on a quick vacation across the country. Tears rolled off her cheeks and onto his nose as she bent to hug him and kiss him before Daddy took him and Hunter, the other lab, to the boarding kennel. Before she let go of him, she asked him not to leave her while they were away — she wanted to be with him when the time came. He set his chin on her shoulder and was very still for a moment. CJ felt that he understood the wish. He was happy.

It was a moment of understanding and a farewell of love. It was the last good moment they would have.

The day they returned, Daddy went off to the kennel to get him and Hunter. But — moments upon their entry to the house — Shadow began to go into a serious respiratory arrest and was unable to stand or catch his breath. Alarmed, and unsure what they could do to help, Mommy and Daddy hurriedly carried him to the truck and raced to the Vet Emergency Clinic.

They knew in their hearts it was the end. They tried to prepare themselves in the quiet ride over.

Once inside, they explained that no heroics were wanted to save him. They would have to be brave…

..they were led back to a room where the nurse had already inserted an I.V. line into his paw..he actually seemed calmer and more stable…Daddy and Mommy petted him, Mommy crying uncontrollably. This was her baby bear. How could it be time? Now?

The dog looked into her eyes when she kissed him…yes, it was time.

The doctor administered the shot, and in an instant, her precious Prince of her heart…was gone.

Daddy and Mommy remained with him for a few more moments, each with heavy hearts and tears in their eyes. She buried her face in his thick neck fur, sobbing and telling him she loved him so much.

He was the best dog. Ever. No other could be what he was to them. He was very special indeed.

And now he was gone.

But…he did as Mommy had hoped…he waited until they could be with him.

Such a wonderful member of our ‘family.’

He is missed most terribly. He will always run and play in her memories. She will carry him always within her heart. Until she can see him again on the other side.

Mommy loves you Shadow. Rest in Peace. Wait for us on the other side, okay my prince? We’ll see you then…

My Shadow, with daughter Caitlin on May 26, 2015

My Shadow, with daughter Caitlin
on May 26, 2015

C J  with Her Very Best Boy, Shadow      on May 26, 2015

C J with Her Very Best Boy, Shadow
on May 26, 2015

Doggie Mama Holding Her Tiny, Teacup Labrador… at least HE thought he was very tiny…Winter-time evenings this was the norm (approx 2009)

Sheldon Takes OnThe Woodpile

Posted in Animals, bereavement, Comedy, Humor, Pets, Sheldon the Tortoise with tags , , , , on April 15, 2015 by Morguie
I Just Love Watermelon and Salad!!!  Mmmmm!

I Just Love Watermelon and Salad!!! Mmmmm!


Hehe…when Mommy isn’t around I like to be a bad boy!


Huh? What, Mommy? Oh, the wind blew me here! One minute I was minding my business like a good boy…the next thing I knew, I landed here!

Hi everybody…we wanted to give the floor to Sheldon, our desert tortoise, today. He woke up from his long winter’s nap rather early this year. He was up in early March…usually he doesn’t come alive until about mid-May or early June. He is healthy and back to his normal, toddler-like self..getting into places he thinks will avail an escape.


Who’s a trouble-making toddler? Surely, not I! I am a sweet and innocent a guy as you’ll EVER meet. Really.

He doesn’t like fences. The bigger area we give him to roam, the more area he seems to want. Please enjoy our very own home video taken a year or so ago of his typical exploits. This was a wood-pile incident we think you’ll like and laugh at as you watch…

(Please forgive our shaky start on the clip…we aren’t well-versed with the video camera maneuvering…it DOES straighten out pretty quickly, however. Turn up the sound to hear the play-by-play dialogue!)


Thanks for coming by all!

CJ and Mousie and Sheldon, too!

©C.S. Thompson, 2015.

Video is the sole creative property of ©C.S. Thompson, 2015.

Crackers and Bits: Polar Bear Hunting

Posted in Animals, Comedy, Crackers and Bits, Fiction, Humor, Musing, Pet peeves and annoyances, polar bears with tags , on April 5, 2015 by Morguie


Hi there everyone! Did you miss us? We were down with that nasty flu, but we feel better and we’re baaaaack!!!

Morguie: We sure missed all of you. Whatever you do, don’t catch the flu!  Catch a ball, or better yet, catch yourself a polar bear!




CJ: Mousie, you have finally gone completely nuts! I would bet  99.9% of our readers have no need to know how to catch a polar bear! You are so silly!

Morguie: Hah! You don’t know for a fact, that, RIGHT now, somewhere, someone in our fantastic GLOBAL audience isn’t wondering how he or she is going to set about getting that pesky polar bear caught!

I take umbrage with your assertion!


I am a fuzzy lovable Polar Bear. I LOVE your POOL!

I am a fuzzy lovable Polar Bear. I LOVE your POOL! I WILL COME AND SWIM EVERYDAY!

CJ:  My goodness! Such big words from such a small mouse! Umbrage?

Morguie: Go ahead, make fun…meanwhile, I will deliver this handy tip that is easy to remember, just in case, someone has a polar bear problem needing quick action. Better to be safe than sorry. I intend to be armed with knowledge…what’s your plan, CJ?



CJ: Okay Mousie, I will humor you…tell me then, how would I go about catching the non-existent, but very annoying polar bear, the one that doesn’t seem to be roaming my neighborhood?

You know, just in case…

Morguie: Well first, you have to go out onto the ice and cut a big, round hole. Then, you get a can of peas…



HOLE — ask your mom or dad to help you with that , okay, kids?




CJ: WAIT! What?! Okay, I am calling the  folks over at the Macadamia Ranch. They need to come and get you. What in the world, are you proposing to do with the can of peas?


Everyone knows polar bears hate canned peas!


Haha! I got it! Tell polar bears to give peas a chance?! 





Morguie: Are you quite done yet?



CJ: Sorry, go ahead. Okay,  I have the canned peas and I have the hole cut into the ice…now what?

Morguie: You spoon the peas out onto the ice — around the hole’s edge, then you hide and wait.





CJ: Okay…how long should I wait?  (Sure hope not as long as it is taking to learn about catching polar bears, sheesh!)

Morguie: It’s real easy after that. You just wait until you see the polar bear taking a pea….







…then you jump out and kick him in the ice-hole!!

the kickisGOOD




And that is how you catch a polar bear.


Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for coming by!


© C. S. Thompson, 2015.

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