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Happiest 27th Birthday to C J’s Daughter, Holly

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Where has all the time gone, my beautiful little girl? The day you were born became my first day of motherhood. What a powerful thing it is — the love a mother feels for her baby! Words could never describe the feeling of love at that moment.

A love between a mother and her child that no earthly force can change or destroy.

I love you. I am so blessed to have been your mother. I am in awe of what you have grown to become as a human being.

So very, very proud of you…of both of my little girls…so much love for you both, each and every single day!

Happy, Happy Birthday, my “Holly Dolly.”

“If I Died Today” — Peace –part 2 of 2

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Well, here is the conclusion to my own search for personal peace.


If I Died Today:


I KNOW I COULD GO without reservation, unresolved issues, or regrets, because:


  • I am blessed to have had the fantastic opportunities I’ve had and for all the blessings I’ve received through the accomplishments made from my seizing on them;



  • I believe I was a good, well-intentioned, and loving mother to my precious girls, Holly and Caitlin.  God knows I tried, yet I believe I could have done some things a lot better than I did…but I didn’t know it at the time. I apologize for that, yet my children insist there is nothing to be sorry for. For the most part, my basic job is completed, but not without giving lots of credit to others in aiding me, where raising my children has been concerned. They are the sum total of all the shaping and loving they received.







  • So, now that there is yet a newer generation, I live in the ‘here and now’ by truly taking in all that I possibly can as I enjoy our time together.  I continue to worry, pray, obsess over the safety and well-being of those baby girls of mine, their children, and those dear to them and will for as long as I have breath in my body — no matter that they are pretty much in control (to an extent) of their dreams, goals, and lives as full-fledged adults now.  Nothing could come between us to break the bond of unconditional love and maternal protection I hold for them, nothing. I would happily die for them. No question.









  • I mostly believe that, overall,  I turned out to be a decent and conscionable, generally likable human being. I answer to my conscience, my responsibilities, and attempt to account for what I own — deeds, mistakes, mistaken choices of words used with or against others. I still have much to learn about patience, acceptance of things that are out of my control, forgiveness of self, forgiveness of others.
  • I believe I am generally a good-hearted and worthy human; One that my Dad and Mom are able to say they’re proud of. Dad is gone, but he remains with me daily in the wisdom he imparted and the loving encouragement he gave. I’m fortunate Mom is still here, and my love and respect is still growing for the champion she’s been for me and all she’s given to me in my life. I look more like her  with each passing day. I am humbled when someone says “You remind me of your mom” or “You take after your Daddy, he used to think about or do things the same way.” No compliment could be more of an honor, truly.

I regret I put them through some serious grief when I was a rebel teen…but they never stopped loving me. Or supporting all that needed to be supported.  I am grateful my girls had them to model after and learn from…since their Dad and I could not be for them the set of parents they really deserved.




  • I certainly have my own share of life’s personal mistakes, blunders, troubles, and regrets to create nagging guilty twinges, though. When I am really looking to entertain myself on sleepless evenings, I just lie awake worrying about all the things I cannot fix or make better or wish could somehow magically transform to a more pleasant conclusion. I find myself sorrowful for those times I chose the lesser good over the greater good; I ask only forgiveness from those I have caused any disappointment, bitterness, or pain. I forgive those who have done harm to me, in return.



  • And, I feel so grateful to have loved, lived, and been privy to all of the beauty, joy, and marvelous memories that I have enjoyed and been part of,  thus far. I am extremely fortunate just to…have…lived. Gratitude flows from my heart to  all friends, family, my neighbors, God … each and every day. Thankful to have had so much love and support, at all times.

I find much reward in knowing I can and do make worthy contributions in the lives of others, as much as they make in mine.


  • I know I have been loved, cherished, and held dear by those who matter the most. I appreciate that they cared, in ways big and small, that I should arrive, thus far, in good spirits, health in tact, and with talents and abilities to share with others… Without those helping souls and kindred spirits, I would not ‘be.’ I hope to pass it on by inspiring and encouraging others.



  • I thank the unseen power of love and fate. I was able to survive evil so that I might learn to respect and love myself. It was then that I was able to discern true good, true love, and open my heart again, to someone who showed me how love is meant to feel, to be, and for that blessing I am grateful, and happy.  With him, I am safe, loved, and cared for.035



  • I am humbled by the compassion, empathy, and well-wishes I have received from total strangers, whose names I never knew, as I made the journey through times of sunshine and the times of hardship and pain. Those people live on in my own feelings of compassion, empathy, pity, and mercy…and in the actions that I find myself taking and exhibiting,  along my walk through life. These gifts of hope, encouragement, and humanity have contributed to the complete person I am. They inspire  me to remember the less fortunate and weak of spirit, to lend my help when it is needed, and exhibit genuine concern by actions I take and words I use.

I strive to pass these forward when I sense the slightest opportunity. (Ask the stranger I hugged at the gas pumps recently. He just needed to know he was worthy of joy and respect, too.) He’d  never heard anybody actually tell him so. Our paths crossed for a special reason that day.


I am extremely grateful to have become aware of and a part of the people who make this blog a jewel in my crown of accomplishments. You have all given me the encouragement to develop a place  worthy of being followed by over 400 readers in 70+ nations since I began posting here just a little over a year ago. I am grateful for the thoughts you share and the good I have found in your works as well. Thank you for making it possible to have a sense of purpose here.




  •  I am happy that I could pass any wisdom I’ve been shown of life to my girls.  I am always learning, and trying to learn from them, too. They are everything I prayed they might become as adults and I am proud that they have taken my life to places I would have missed, were they never to be born mine.



  • The very essence of my life has been the blessing of having these two girls. My purpose, my destiny, my lasting gifts of love, the joy of being loved and trusted…I have received so very much, learned so much, been made into the very person I am due to what you have given to me through the miracles of your births.   What an awesome sense of joy!





If I died today….I have no fear of what lies beyond this earthly realm.


I have arrived at my own sense of peace. So, YES, I believe I would die in a state of contentment, today, should the Fates so decide to issue my number in the Lotto of Life.   Forward-looking means no looking through the rear-view at what has passed; only concentrating on what is ahead. 




So….I have no plans to go anywhere, anytime soon. 


“My good Grim Reaper, goest thou away, I shall go with you


some other day!”




Now, it’s your turn to find your peace. Pack the deathbed concerns in a box, lock it, and lose that key. Write it out as a letter to yourself, then burn it. Make the past tangible and toss it in the waste can.   That’s finished business.   🙂


Live life in the way it was intended– be fully present and unfettered by worry. Each day is a gift.


©2014, C.S. Thompson.





CJ and her Prince– 2014






My grandsons, June 2011





My Oldest Daughter, Holly and her sons--- Baby Nate and Justin 2012

My Oldest Daughter, Holly
and her sons— Baby Nate and Justin














My ‘baby’ daughter, Caitlin, my “Tee-Rosie” 2014





TeeRosie (l) Holly (r) 2014

TeeRosie (l) Holly (r) 2014






“If I Died Today” — Peace – part 1

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Today’s post is the first in a series I am planning about the aspects of DEATH as it concerns us PERSONALLY. OUR  own demise. Mine. Yours. All with the realistic hope and intent  to provoke  helpful thoughts, plans, ideas, and commentary in the task of readying OURSELVES for our own end-of-life, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and sensibly.  I hope to be able to guide the series in the direction of attaining a sense of ‘personal peace’ as the main goal.

At no time is this series meant to be taken as financial, legal, medical, or other professionally metered advice, expert recommendation or testimonial, or any other service or product associated with any authority, agency, or regulated industry licensed in the areas mentioned.

This is just a series simply in search of peace of mind and a sense of readiness BEFORE our eventual ends;  based on a funeral service professional’s career observations and general thoughts on end-of-life aspects that people tend to happily ignore or overlook, or leave for survivors to contend with later. 


Assessing Your Personal Life Timeline — A Bare-Naked and Honest Approach Yields Best Results! 

After all, the only fool you’d be out to fool, is…you. It’s your life, your peace. I have no need to know YOUR truth. Just my own. So being honest with yourself, is…KEY, really, if you want to know how to keep or attain a true sense of peace within yourself. Otherwise, you’re wasting valuable time with this.

I will use my own personal life as the example. After all, this conversation needs a place to BEGIN.


Have you ever pondered the end of YOUR own life? I mean, REALLY, really given it more than just a fleeting thought? Many people halfheartedly pooh-pooh this very question. YOU do, I do. We feel awkward at the mere thought that there WILL (and, yes, I am afraid it absolutely.will.happen) come a day that we basically wake up d-e-a-d.


Where am I?  HEY!!! Where are my PANTS?

Where am I? HEY!!! Where are my PANTS?

‘Perish the thought!’

 ‘Jeezzzz, don’t bring that morbid crap up now, for God’s sake!’

‘You have a point, but I’m not concerned; what the hell, I’ll be dead anyways, hahhahaha!’


It’s not a hysterically popular ice-breaker at the family reunion, the annual Fourth of July fireworks show, or the ordinary, quiet,  Sunday dinner table.

No…it’s really more like a conversation you sit down with yourself to have. Soul-searching, as it were.

So when are we supposed to mull this impossibly morbid concept?  Precisely when, after the candle is blown out, the book is put away, and we lay our weary heads down to sleep, of course!  Exactly AT THE MOMENT our lids close.  Am I right?

(I suppose I should have prefaced this post with a disclaimer, warning you of one potentially sleepless night ahead, should you read this at the end of your day…oops, my bad. Too late, the seed has been planted…can’t unring this bell.)

Let’s get this over with, now so we can get it behind us before it’s too late — our last moments should not be a time of regret; just a time of peace. 


I have often laughed it off, myself. That nervous little laugh, you know, the kind of giggle you exude to cover up that creeping fear or worry you hide deep down.

Yes, I am guilty of a teensy bit of death anxiety. It’s true. For the record, even funeral directors are a little worried about d-e-a-t-h.

Sssshhhh, we don’t want to scare the little ones with this ‘talk.’

But, seriously, folks…let’s really begin to prepare ourselves for that day that is seemingly so far ahead in the distant future.

Are you satisfied with what you have been able to accomplish with this time you have been allotted, in  your ‘lifetime?’ 

I’ll confess, before I ever got into “the business of death and the world of the dead,” I had a pretty healthy bit of fear going for myself. I was always most terrified of the possibility of being orphaned as a child. Then, when I grew old enough to realize there was no more to fear in that category, I began to worry about merely becoming abandoned…as in, everybody else that mattered in my personal universe would die off and I would find myself that very lonely… Last of My Tribe. Now THAT’S A HELL OF A CONCEPT to wrap your mind around, JUST as you hope to meet the Sandman, ain’t it?!

Funny enough though, I never gave much, if any thought at all, to my very own personal date with the Grim Reaper. Except  perhaps, when my terribly violent married life came down to one very last and bloody battle on 06/21/1991. That was the day I ended my married life, barely escaping that day with  only my own pathetic, beaten up, unrecognizable yet human-faced, battered, blood-covered life.

But I survived, so then I became most empowered by my liberation from domestic abuse. I began to concentrate on my NEW LIFE. NO TIME TO DIE, just keep on moving on. So much life ahead it almost seems you feel a bit…IN-freakin’-VINCIBLE!  Besides, I had two tiny daughters along for the adventure ahead. Absolutely no time to think of dying. Yet.

My mother disagreed…especially when I rang her up, minutes before I was to climb aboard the aircraft that would take me to 12,500 feet and open the door to allow my voluntary, death-defying, leap out…and the ensuing 50-seconds of idiocy and sheer panic of not being able to breathe, falling thru the blue sky at more than 120 m.p.h. to my potential and utter demise below…Mom chided, pleaded, and scolded, “Please!! Don’t do it, please!! You have LITTLE KIDS HERE that you so carelessly disregard, going off and doing this dumb, dangerous sh*t!! What the hell is WRONG with you!?!?!”



Yeah. WHAT in the blue skies of heaven did I really think I was doing?  She certainly made her point. I told her I loved her, not to worry, and that I’d ring back when I landed. I hung up, freshly supplied with a whole new load of Catholic guilt, and proceeded immediately to achieve the appointed, life-long goal of making my first (and last) tandem free-fall skydive…somewhat clouded by visions of her clasping the Crucifix as she set to praying her heart out that I would not kill myself that day.



My babies, Holly (L) and Caitlin (R) 1991 Seems I Only “See” them like this when I worry and fret over them. EVEN NOW…in 2014. They will always ‘be this age’ to their Mommy


By golly, she’s good!  God saw fit to have mercy on her and I managed to exit-stage-death, sans injury or harm. She’s very, very good! 

AND…I certainly got away with it…again! ‘AHAHAHA!!! Go peel a grape, Grim Reaper! How do ya like me NOW?! HAH!’ Cheated death once more. Smug and full of personal ‘I-can-do-anything’ piss and vinegar, I gave it not another thought, D-e-a-t-h would have to wait until…

later. Lucky for me, it has not recently come knocking for ME. It has been too busy collecting people around me, instead. Good, wonderful friends and relations. I feel worse, even angry, about it when I realize that it seems an AWFUL LOT of ‘bad people’ with true evil in their hearts are slipping past the Reaper man’s radar!



Illustration: Death Depicted as the Grim Reape...

Illustration: Death Depicted as the Grim Reaper on Top of the World from The Raven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s just so hard to accept that good people must be called ahead of the most evil. They certainly don’t work it like that down at the DMV.

I thank the powers-that-be when I awake to see each new day. I thank God for the gift of the magic in coffee beans, my old doggy also here for another day, the family of birds in a nest on the patio, my wonderful man, and my beautiful daughters and my grands, Mom, my sister, good friends, and good health…etc. I am grateful for another day of all that makes life special in my little universe.

But, to take for granted that there will be a tomorrow, we just cannot, simply MUST NOT do!



My flirtations with death have been, at times, like a courtship…I would play close to the edge of sure catastrophe, as a lover plays hard-to-get…just when the Reaper reached out to snag me up in his gnarled and pale fingers, to give me the fatal kiss, I’d slip through his grasp, taunting and laughing at my victory over him…and he tries again and again. He knows it is just a matter of WHEN, not if, he will ultimately claim the game and the victory for my soul.

Now as I peer back, no longer full of smug satisfaction…I think I was spared death on so many occasions, just to be allowed the privilege and opportunity to wear my devout Mama’s shoes…see how they ‘fit.’  Yes, certainly these shoes are a bit tight, unsteady at the heel, and downright uncomfortable as I attempt to trod along now.

Now I am the one filled with worry and prayerful hope that Almighty God would mercifully keep a protective hand over them and keep all harm from evil at bay, for all matters which pertain to those cherished ones I hold dear in my personal and very special universe.

So…what are my feelings about…tomorrow? If by chance it should start without me?   


STAY TUNED FOR THE ANSWER in “If I Died Today”  –Peace – Part 2

.©2014, C.S. Thompson.

CJ Freefallin'

CJ Freefallin’     —  2000





Legend of the Engagement Ring

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First engagement ring - 1.51ct princess cut di...

My mother received this card upon becoming engaged to Dad in the early 1960's- No inscription by sender so I believe it must have contained a letter at one time.

My mother received this card upon becoming engaged to Dad in the early 1960’s-
No inscription by sender so I believe it must have contained a letter at one time.


Recently, CJ’s mother handed her a bundle of cards she’d been keeping…apparently her mother had been going through her archive of stuff saved and wanted CJ to have them.


Among the items was an especially old Hallmark card.


A card made by Hallmark which celebrates engagement announcement; circa 1962

A card made by Hallmark which celebrates engagement announcement;
circa 1962





CJ wanted to share this piece of the long-ago past with you today. June is a popular wedding month, so it seemed appropriate.


We hope that you are charmed by the legend behind the custom of giving the engagement ring.


We found it intriguing and very romantic, too.






Pharaoh, the king of ancient Egypt, is often d...

Pharaoh, the king of ancient Egypt, is often depicted wearing the nemes headdress and an ornate kilt. Based on New Kingdom tomb paintings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Statue of pharaoh Amenhotep II of the...

English: Statue of pharaoh Amenhotep II of the 18th dynasty of Egypt  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Legend of the Engagement Ring


Long ago, in ancient Egypt, a Pharaoh fell in love with a beautiful young princess. Because of her youth, the princess’s father refused consent to their marriage. The Pharaoh, being a wise man, desired to have the father’s blessing, and so agreed to wait until the princess was of age. His love for her grew daily and he longed for some way to show his devotion to her while he was waiting for their marriage.


So he called in the royal jewelers and told them to search the land for the most precious stone in existence. The Pharaoh had the stone mounted on a ring of gold and took it to his loved one. As he slipped the ring on her finger, he told her, “Until I can place a wedding band on your finger and claim you for my bride, wear this ring as a reminder of my devotion. Just as the gem is priceless, so is my love for you.”


And down through the ages, the engagement ring has served as a pledge of true love and as a symbol to the rest of the world that two people have chosen to spend their lives together.


From the writings of Amenophis II- 7th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt








For a little bit of fun, we are including some links relevant to the topic:





Alas, all of this ring stuff makes for a rather sad realization …CJ married once, to the wrong guy, really didn’t have a ring set such as she really deserved…but then again, she didn’t have the kind of husband such as she deserved…touché!


She fully claims ownership of her choice to make that mistake…it was her own fault that she settled on less than she deserved.caketop




Sometimes she thinks about the mistake she made in that choice. On rare days, with an occasion befitting some finery that she wishes she had, she vows to herself that she will indeed go to her grave with a nice bauble on her hand, even if it kills her, come hell or high water.


She thinks it is a joy she should experience once…a joy of having something exquisite and expensive (a material possession) which can, even for just a moment or two, make her feel as special and precious as it is…a confirmation that she is worthy and deserving of such an experience.


Silly, huh?English: Diamond Engagement Ring with side sto...


All girls dream of getting to be a Princess, right?





Grieving Poor Choices Made



But she realizes that it’s just a “thing” and she’s truly not been a “thing” kind of girl, ever.


Besides, there’s little chance she’ll be a Princess, in this life…but she doesn’t rule it out entirely,  in case should there be a next life.


©2014, C.S. Thompson.




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