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Free Range Chicken

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God Bless the folks at Geico Insurance! We fell in love with this ad, which we noticed for the first time earlier in the week. It is so sweet, the cute way they portrayed this lovely Buff Orpington hen, as she took in the sights and sounds from her perch in a box car.  Sure makes us miss our good little buff hens…if only just a little.

Have a great day all!

September Is National Pet Memorial Month

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The link will take pet owners to a special site dedicated to Pet Loss. There is a free memorial page there, too, to insert a tribute to your departed pet, if you wish.



That banner is needing no explanation.


Today, we decided to highlight the working dogs of the military…much like their law enforcement counterparts, these animals are highly specialized and trained to work in combat zones. We hope you enjoy these very short clips honoring the soldier-handlers and their partners.

Did you know that with military dogs, the government does not recognize them as soldiers or valuable members of the force…instead they are “G.I. equipment.’  When a mission has been completed they take the dogs away from the soldier assigned to handle the dog, re-assigning the animal to another mission of duty or retiring the animal to work in civilian duty. I put some links at the end of this post for further information about what happens to these awesome dogs after their duty is done.

Sadly, there is a startling item discussing how Obama administration has euthanized 1200 of these retired animals; the U.K. also does this according to another item I saw. So, there is a movement underway by the soldiers themselves to see about getting adoptions going for a great many of these animals so they might be spared and allowed to live their days out with a family or working with police or fire agencies.


The police K-9’s that are recognized as bona fide police officers have a life-partner handler…the officers live and work together and are bonded like family to each other. Each of their lives depends upon each other and it likely rivals any human-to-human bond…there is a special trust that humans do not fully possess with each other that a dog and his handler DO have.







In 2000, Bill Clinton passed a law that required handlers of retired service dogs to rehabilitate and retrain the dogs to make them adoptable.

Each retired dogs goes through a process to make it adoptable. A video of aggression test performed on the dog are sent to Lackland AFB to be reviewed and evaluated to determine whether the dog is adoptable.

Sadly, that is not always the case. If a service dog is determined unadoptable or is not adopted in a certain length of time, the dog may be euthanized. Euthanasia is the act of killing a sick or injured animal for reasons of mercy. Dogs not adopted or euthanized for medical reasons are sent to Lackland AFB for use in training dog handlers.

Dago is reaching the end of the allotted adoption time and having been deemed not medically fit for reassignment, is nearing his time to be euthanized.

Read more:






Wild and Crazy Cemetery Visit

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Oscar C Meyer — not the same guy who invented lunchmeat

I discovered where they put old Oscar Meyer!




Warning sign posted at the entrances of Glenhaven and Sholom –DO PAY HEED



Right when you least expect it, something wild and crazy happens to you…


One of many species of trees which beautified this place


In April, I spent a good part of my afternoon in a cemetery — actually, two cemeteries, which are actually side by side on the same property. I took lots of pictures of the beautiful parks…so peaceful and still. The expanses of trees there are stunning. In the backdrop, the Valley and beyond that, greater metropolitan Los Angeles.   It was a warm spring day with a slight breeze stirring. I witnessed a burial from afar. I liked that I was able to notice the attendees, mourners, joining hands and singing while they stood around the graveside. This was not unusual; what was unusual was the actively working backhoe.

As the mourners stood by, the backhoe was busily taking care of business, filling the hole.

Most times, this final work is done after the service and out of sight of onlookers.

Mourners witnessing the final burial at the graveside

But, the “wild and crazy” happening wasn’t this.

I departed this cemetery, drove a few yards down the lane and turned into the Jewish cemetery. I noted the sign warning of the snakes, smiling to myself. Yeah, sure, I did believe there would be that possibility. These parks were indeed along the foothills and edge of the National forest.






However, as I was selecting a shady spot to park, at the top of a slope, it was a huge bird that caught my attention.

At first it looked like a Golden Eagle, it was massive. It was atop a pine very near my parking place. I fumbled with my camera, hoping to snap some great pics.

The bird was not an eagle, it turned out to be a large red-tailed hawk. I saw the bird literally jumping about on this tree’s most top part, the tip. A great flurry of activity…I dropped the camera onto the floorboard, cursing as I attempted to retrieve it and turn it on. I thought I might be witnessing an act of mating, however I saw no second bird.

Just as I was about to get engaged with the camera, which unfortunately was not cooperating, the bird suddenly rose off of the treetop, and what I saw next was the wild and unexpected…

The bird had been killing a snake in the tree! When the bird rose up it was grasping a 4-ft. long serpent!!

Damn! My camera was of no use. The bird lofted, snake in talons, over the slight slope and down a ways…landing a few seconds later in a tall pine. I could see a nest there. AND, two people at the foot of that very same pine, apparently visiting a grave there. I was stunned.


Looking toward the hawk's tree--note the two figures standing below

Looking toward the hawk’s tree–note the two figures standing below

I jumped out of the car, heading quickly toward them, to tell them about the hawk and the snake directly over their heads, in case the snake were loosed or dropped, placing them in possible harm’s way— ( pictures below. I labelled to show where the nest was in proximity to the visitors, sorry it isn’t my better work…I am a novice with photo edits, as you can see)












I got to them as they were moving toward their car, and they were in no danger by then. I talked with them about what I’d seen, and they were happy to know they missed the scene. The lady hated snakes, and the gentleman just didn’t hear well, so he began to ask me who I came to pay respects to, instead.


They say ‘ignorance is bliss,’  well, I’d have to agree here.

We visited a little longer before I gave up on taking in another spectacular “Wild Kingdom” moment to capture on film.

I doubt I shall see another such moment like that again.

Caveat to prospective visitors of this lovely place:  DO watch for the rattlesnakes! One may be right over your head.

©2014, C.S. Thompson.

Cornell’s Owls are … ooops…fledged?!

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled Blog for some very special things breaking open in the nests at Cornell’s Bird Cam…


Please run and look…enjoy!




Cornell Lab Bird Cams | Virtual Bird Watching at its Best.





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