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Can You Relate To This?

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This poignant clip is about saving up for a dream…and dipping into those savings along the way when life’s path was met with reasons or obstacles, emergencies or life’s unexpected kinks— to merit use of the hard-earned dream money.

I think most of us would be able to point to something in our lives that side-tracked us or put the dream on hold.

Usually, too, that thing which merited the funds diversion was something which gave us a sense of personal joy just to be able to help.

Thanks for coming by to share a thoughtful reminder that life indeed is too short.  What we make of it is everything, in the end.

I’d like to thank my sweetheart for passing this my way…to be able to share with all of you.


Hope you enjoy “Corvette Heaven” as much as we did!


Thank you,  baby.

©C.S. Thompson, 2015

Episode 30: The Potato Chip Mogul

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English: A pile of potato chips. These are Utz...


When CJ was away, attending mortuary college, she had been blessed to find a position inside a rather infamous group of mortuaries in the big city. She worked in a large service center for a conglomerate— inside this service center were many, many people, all deceased, who needed preparation for burial (or cremation). Since the service center served more than a dozen facilities, it was a bustling beehive of activity, in two shifts each day. CJ attended classes in the morning and afternoons so she worked alone at night in this mid-city place.

She was just beginning her shift one evening

, which was just after ordinary close of the office, when she received a call from one of the mortuary executives. Apparently, there would be a delivery that evening of a V.I.P. and she was instructed to handle the embalming of said v.i.p. immediately upon his arrival. Now, you must understand that the rules and strict policy of this service center dictated that all paperwork, especially a signed authorization for embalming, MUST be forwarded to the service center or there would be NO prep work, period. That also happened to be the law. But mind you, the exec calling for this job was habitual in his ordering of work BEFORE the paperwork was sent. Therefore, the rest of the prep room personnel typically blew the guy off and ignored any requests he would make to do work without papers.

CJ knew he was good for his word…he ALWAYS was. But, she knew he was ‘old-school’ in that he didn’t exactly follow the rules, by the book. She also felt, that because his name was on the sign out front,  that she could rely on his word. So when he called that night, she automatically agreed to do as he asked, because she knew the papers were a formality that would be cleared by morning.

Later, as she worked on this still warm body, she secretly rejoiced that she had an opportunity to ‘knock one out of the park’ by delivering to the exec a very well-done body, perfectly preserved and looking so well for his v.i.p. funeral coming within the next few days. What she didn’t know about the v.i.p. is that he would be a particularly well-loved, highly reputed man within this huge metropolis…a special businessman of great fame and fortune. Furthermore, he was nearly considered a living saint in his inner circles; he was a prime benefactor for a nearby university. He’d spent much of his life working to champion educational causes and worthy scholarship opportunities for underprivileged but promising youths of high intellectual quality. Those students he would help would go on to do great and noble things with this higher learning opportunity, thanks to his tireless efforts.

After the v.i.p. had been laid to rest on an afternoon later that week, CJ received a special visit from the exec in charge of the potato chip magnate’s arrangements — the exec came down to the prep room to very ‘publicly’ laud CJ’s efforts in making the man look so good. The exec thanked her so much for her beautiful work to make the v.i.p. look so good for thousands of mourners to view. The rest of the staff took notice. They began to whisper and snicker, right in front of the exec, as he was well aware that they purposefully ignored his instructions all the time. He turned to tell them of the 10,000+ people who came to view this magnate, and the beautiful compliments that came afterward. He proceeded to tell the story of the v.i.p. and the very important accomplishments and contributions the man had made in this huge city. The college stadium was filled with mourners, he told the room. The snickers stopped. Looks of envy were falling across the faces of her more experienced peers. How they wished they could be the ones spoken of so highly. CJ had been the low man on the totem pole — until now. But she had worked hard to earn this praise. Earned it she had, and there was certainly no shame in that.



©C. S. Thompson, 2015.

Sharing Another’s Story: You Just Have To Do Something

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Fireman's Carry


Sometimes, without even a thought, we are suddenly put into a moment of life or death action, where we are not even given a chance to second-guess our own capabilities or confidence to handle a situation with the correct knowledge or skillset…we just find ourselves in a rush to act however, whichever, whatever way we can.  And…when it’s all done, truthfully, we find: the main response needed from us at the critical moment was just that we act. DO SOMETHING.   First, the story of a man, Jonathan Moore, whose courage didn’t end with his life and death decision to act —   then, CJ tells her own  personal account of finding herself jumping to a stranger’s aid on a snowy mountain road one winter’s night…we hope you will share with us your own story. Thank you again,  for stopping by to see ours.   xxx Morguie and CJ xxx




by jonathanmoore:

Throughout life we are impacted with moments that are rich with meaning and significance. Regardless of the joy or sorrow that these moments create, it is our job to listen and respond. This summer I was given the gift of one of those profound moments.

On a warm August afternoon, my wife and I invited some close friends over for lunch to spend the day swimming in our pool. We were in the water playing with our kids, watching them one-up each other jumping in, and playing all the usual games.

One of the times my daughter climbed out to jump back in, she cried out in pain after stepping on a bee. As soon as I pulled out the stinger left behind in her foot, one by one more bees began to swarm. Thinking that the dead bee was attracting others, I picked it up and went inside to throw it away.

The moment I opened the trash in the kitchen I heard my wife scream outside. It wasn’t an ordinary scream. I look outside right at the moment she was diving into the water. Racing outside I was certain that she was being attacked by the aggressive bees.

I made it to the edge of the water right when she was coming up. My heart sank. In her arms was our little boy, blue and lifeless.

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C J’s Own Tale of A Time When She ‘Just Had To Do Something’: 

Yes…do SOMETHING. I happened upon a terrible wreck on the icy, snowy Angeles Crest Highway, late one night…making the commute home from Burbank. It was a treacherous condition, but I took it anyway, too late to turn back. Not one other soul did I pass or see in any vehicle after turning onto that stretch from Big T road. The Mill Creek summit winds dangerously on this steeper downgrade, with partial canyon walls and open aired steep slopes intermixed. I hit a narrow hairpin bend sheeted with ice but was smart enough to drive it gently …As I rounded the blind curve, swerving over ice I nearly impacted with my own collision… there was a minivan laying on its passenger side, dark and steaming from freshly colliding with the rock walls and flipping to block the 2 lanes inside the blind curve. It narrowly avoided flying over the open cliff-side…but so hard to believe it DIDN’T…we are talking inches. A mighty hand, perhaps commanding the g-forces…miracle.


English: Facing west looking at a lower sectio...

I immediately pulled my Prius over, hazards and lights on…jumped out to act quickly in attempt to free the poor driver trapped inside. No way to access the sliding door…it ( van) was resting on it…I also couldn’t access the crumpled driver door, which was high above me — I  somehow managed an awesome burst of strength …enough to get the back lift up against weight and gravity…I got her out …she was injured but able to help herself out of the vehicle as I pulled with free hand at her arm, as I held the heavy liftgate open.


Thank God for the solar-powered 911 roadside box phone…I’d forgotten my cell phone that day…in less than 20 minutes the CA Highway Patrol arrived, and a wrecker, too. They were the only others I encountered the entire snowy stretch  that night. While some thought I was crazy to risk that road in such weather, I never feared for my own safety. I’d cursed myself on the way up when the ice was scary and slick, but knew after this ordeal ended I had indeed made the correct choice…I believe the confidence to handle the drive was instilled by something higher, God. God trumps any of the usual intuition or fear. I was there because He wanted me there. He knew I would step up to simply…DO SOMETHING. I am glad I was good for something when it really mattered that I be.  Later the road would be closed to traffic due to those icy conditions…who knows how long that person may have been trapped and stranded before the next roadscraper would have been through before she was discovered?  Yes, something bigger was at work that late evening, I believe. Things could have turned out so much more differently, less happily. On so many levels.  So grateful to be part of a very happy ending.

Thank you, God.

The Angeles Crest Highway that runs through th...

The Angeles Crest Highway that runs through the Angeles National Forest. 

Summits in the eastern San Gabriel Mountains, ...




Next 37 Miles

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Morguie Speaks Up For Chickens

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Think  you HUMANS have the market cornered on carrying the burden of life’s worries

on your shoulders,  stressing out over the day-to-day needs that must be met if you are to

keep alive… gym, tan, laundry   food, shelter, clothing, etc. ? Oh, and a new iPhone. Right?



Guess what? W_R_O_N_G_O, pal!



Ever heard of :



B A L D    C H I C K E N S ??????  Yep. It IS a real problem. Thank goodness, someone has help for that.

chicken-sweaters-08-300x229Chicken sweaters, of course!  Yes, sweaters.







FREE Pattern. No strings attached!   AND, this is a way cool site for PEOPLE, as well.

Thanks to the folks here:





HEY. Did I detect somebody snickering?

You are a cruel and horrid creature to laugh at chicken baldness! So stop it!

Don’t be rude, dude.



Ok. Stop, now, ok. Good. Thanks.



Yeah, okay I giggled too, at first…till I paid a visit to the kind-hearted site which features help for rescue chickens that are destined for slaughter after they are done on production farms…a sort of old-age adoption to regular folks until they reach their NATURAL end-of-life time.





Seriously, dude in the back…contain yourself…ok? Wow. SO rude.




Karma loves to bite laughers when they least expect.


You won’t be laughing when you realize that

you seem to have misplaced your pants…they’re  simply, missing…

and…uh oh, you are NOT going to like this bit of news, but Karma just took off

down the street with them…hey dude, you might want to cover yourself up, at that point…


…the rest of us will see that a bald chicken has nothing on you…





Aha, I just knew you could understand!


Let’s see where was I going with this…


OH! YES…chicken rescues.

Bless those kind, humane and compassionate folks who help the abused,  neglected, elderly, or unwanted animals.

There is even enough love for the chickens, which is special to us, in our own hearts; we had some of our own for many years. (HECK NO, we did NOT eat them, either…only their eggs…so please perish that thought!)

Would you like to learn more?   site’s mission claims:

We are a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation, this means every donation that comes to us, goes back into the organisation much like a charity. Everybody who works and helps are here on a voluntary basis. We are a work in motion, everytime we have a rescue another enclosure is erected, or more poultry crates are bought.

Our aims are to give farmers another option to slaughter, as we and lots of you know these hens have so much more to give and many more years. We rehome the hens on to people like yourselves with a good pet home for life. 

We regularly save caged, barn and free range laying hens, and have set dates to collect from our regular farmers.

By the way, if you happen to appreciate this noble effort and would like to help out, they graciously accept donations and would love your help.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HAVING A CHICKEN OR TWO, or better, like five. They really are pretty cool pets. They eat weeds. They eat up most types of bugs. They make poop which is excellent for fertilizing soil in the garden. My poop, not so much.

They actually look forward to YOU coming outdoors to see them. They even run to you…funny  HYSTERICAL to see yes, but they miss you, AND they often expect a little snacky, like veggie peelings, stale bread, some old fruit as your token of appreciation. I mean, to see them break into that bizarr-o break-neck run….that deserves a spot on America’s Funniest Home Videos and a little treat, really.

Empty-handed is just wrong. Seriously. Wrong.

Do it once and find out. Yeah…so be nice a toss ’em a little something and keep the toes covered, too. Some more curious hens like toes.


C J says:

“Everybody should try to raise a few chickens at least once in their life — it’s an awesome way to teach your kids about animals and responsibilities…like the rescues…they are looking to place these older hens in homes for adoption. In return, many still lay fresh eggs.

What is not to love about the freshest, most delicious eggs you can get? The hens live just a few good years. Every other year we’d hatch some new chicks, which would end up being more roosters than hens, lol. We kept a little flock here for years, but we decided to let the last flock dwindle down, and gave the last few hens to a neighbor. They live there now. We can free ourselves up to go away on last-minute trips a lot easier this way. I preferred hens only, due to noise a rooster can produce. Which is a lot. All the time. They were a great learning experience for me and I enjoyed them a lot. I had names for my girls and appreciated  and respected them. They were all free-range, too.”



©2014, C.S. Thompson.

English: A chicken running Français : Un poule...

English: A chicken running (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


a tame hen being held being held in the U.K.

a tame hen being held being held in the U.K. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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