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Crackers and Bits: Mousie Goes On Strike!

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C’mon Uber-Froggy! Let’s blow this joint! The injustice of it all!!!



Hi there everyone, CJ here….

Mousie is upset. He has had enough of the bad treatment and apparent deprivation he feels he is forced to exist under.

So, Morguie has ‘walked off the job.’  He says he is officially on strike until conditions improve.


The problem started when I caught him binge-watching animal videos on the YouTube. Remember, earlier this month, he tried to run away, attempting to get ‘across the pond’ to stay with our loyal follower, David , in Wales?

Yeah, well that was an ‘epic fail’ as they like to say…he and the Uber-froggy ended up in a Mexican immigration cell for sneaking over the border without visas. Suddenly he wanted to come home. Hmmm.

He might have made it to Wales, if only they’d had a map…

Morguie demands similar living conditions, special perks, and the basic comforts he found one of his distant cousins enjoying …in the really short clips below:




Really now???  

Sorry folks, Mousie might be gone for a little while, as near as I can estimate…the ‘Pizza’ is NOT going to happen. Period!

We  thank you so much for coming in to see us,  ME today. I apologize for Morguie’s bad behavior, too.

Now I am going to need every ‘like’ vote I can get if I am to hope to manage this show solo…

SO, pretty, pretty please…won’t you tap that “Like” button on your way out….and leave any thoughts you have about this strike Mousie is on, too?



©C. S. Thompson, 2015.


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I have alluded, in comments, that the Mouse is on a restricted diet. Let’s face it, we all have trouble beating back temptation when it comes to eating all the goodies of holiday time. But, folks, the Mouse had no shame. He took indulging to an all-time high. Therefore he has been whining a bit about how ‘deprived’ his life is lately. Poor little fuzzy, obese mouse.

(Getting out the tiny violin, now).

A violin

The final straw came when he appealed to our cherished friend and Mousie’s biggest fan, Lord David over at to take him in because I wasn’t spoiling him enough…then,  to really get my dander up, Mousie decided he would have the audacity to re-blog the cute clip he found at another blog, “Sleep Tight, Enoki.”

ENOUGH! Scram!

He’s been pretty lazy lately anyway. So I said he could just go if he thought he needed to act like that.

He knows he’s ultra-spoiled here. I am guilty of allowing him to have extra snacks, when I know it really isn’t good for him. I am only looking after him for his own good; he obviously needs supervision.  But, he’s trying to make me  look like the Monster of Monsters and I had to put my foot down.

So…off he goes. To Wales. In the United Kingdom.

Distance is 8620 kilometers or 5356 miles or 4654 nautical miles…

Mind you, we live in Southern California. Hmmm. Methinks he won’t quite make his destination.

Los Angeles, USA to Cardiff, Wales, UK

Los Angeles, USA to Cardiff, Wales, UK


What do you all think?




(((Photo credited to our friend Ray over at, who tweeted it recently…thanks, Ray! )))


HIT THE ROAD, TOAD!!!  To the land of Biscuits and Whiskers we go!!!

Bon Voyage, Rotund Rodent. Write me, won’t you?

Probably find him on my pillow in the morning, begging for forgiveness, and a breakfast biscuit.

And, I’ll cave in…again! 😛

Please hit the “like” button on your way out! We’d sure appreciate that!

Thanks again for coming by…



©C.S. Thompson, 2015.


Crackers and Bits: Chocolate World!

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DEC 7 036

With Liberty and…CHOCOLATE for ALL!!


Hi again everyone! CJ sent me a pic of the “New York, New York” hotel and casino’s Hershey’s Chocolate World’s version of the Statue of Liberty…

That’s all well and good for some…I just want to know where they keep the Crackers and Cheese.

Is there a “Cracker and Cheese World?”

If there were I’d be the fattest, happiest little Mousie in the World!

So Thankful and Incredibly Blessed

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For All of these and so much more…


So many wonderful things to be thankful for, every  day!


My Heavenly Creator, from Whom all things come, including my free will;    035


My family;


my  Sweetheart, the life we’ve made together, the love we share, and the good times we’ve had;


my caring and supportive friends;


Wise mentors who lend perspective to widen my views;


Good Samaritans and unnamed others whose words and deeds came when hope was low;


my health, home, and sustenance of daily life;


blessings and extra comforts so many others deserve but do not have;


a life with a sense of purpose, using my writing talent here


and in a leading funeral trade journal;


the love and encouragement  I receive from so many people;


hope, forgiveness, compassion, and humility;




a little mouse to inspire me, lend a voice to my thoughts, and tell the world my story,

even if he isn’t exactly ‘real;’     🙂




the service men and women who bravely defend my country;


peace officers, medics, and fire dept. people keeping safety and order around me;


Sheldon, my tortoise;


Shadow, my loyal angel-dog;


self-control and patience for Hunter, the devil-pup 😛


and a life of special memories, experiences, and meaningful lessons;


that I was born in America, the Land of The Free,


where these things are mine to enjoy without fear, torture, or retribution


and most of all—


a heart to fully cherish, love, and feel SO MUCH for ALL of the above.




Happy Thanksgiving to All. We have certainly been blessed to call you friends.


CJ and Morguie

©C.S. Thompson, 2014.






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