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Crackers and Bits: Polar Bear Hunting

Posted in Animals, Comedy, Crackers and Bits, Fiction, Humor, Musing, Pet peeves and annoyances, polar bears with tags , on April 5, 2015 by Morguie


Hi there everyone! Did you miss us? We were down with that nasty flu, but we feel better and we’re baaaaack!!!

Morguie: We sure missed all of you. Whatever you do, don’t catch the flu!  Catch a ball, or better yet, catch yourself a polar bear!




CJ: Mousie, you have finally gone completely nuts! I would bet  99.9% of our readers have no need to know how to catch a polar bear! You are so silly!

Morguie: Hah! You don’t know for a fact, that, RIGHT now, somewhere, someone in our fantastic GLOBAL audience isn’t wondering how he or she is going to set about getting that pesky polar bear caught!

I take umbrage with your assertion!


I am a fuzzy lovable Polar Bear. I LOVE your POOL!

I am a fuzzy lovable Polar Bear. I LOVE your POOL! I WILL COME AND SWIM EVERYDAY!

CJ:  My goodness! Such big words from such a small mouse! Umbrage?

Morguie: Go ahead, make fun…meanwhile, I will deliver this handy tip that is easy to remember, just in case, someone has a polar bear problem needing quick action. Better to be safe than sorry. I intend to be armed with knowledge…what’s your plan, CJ?



CJ: Okay Mousie, I will humor you…tell me then, how would I go about catching the non-existent, but very annoying polar bear, the one that doesn’t seem to be roaming my neighborhood?

You know, just in case…

Morguie: Well first, you have to go out onto the ice and cut a big, round hole. Then, you get a can of peas…



HOLE — ask your mom or dad to help you with that , okay, kids?




CJ: WAIT! What?! Okay, I am calling the  folks over at the Macadamia Ranch. They need to come and get you. What in the world, are you proposing to do with the can of peas?


Everyone knows polar bears hate canned peas!


Haha! I got it! Tell polar bears to give peas a chance?! 





Morguie: Are you quite done yet?



CJ: Sorry, go ahead. Okay,  I have the canned peas and I have the hole cut into the ice…now what?

Morguie: You spoon the peas out onto the ice — around the hole’s edge, then you hide and wait.





CJ: Okay…how long should I wait?  (Sure hope not as long as it is taking to learn about catching polar bears, sheesh!)

Morguie: It’s real easy after that. You just wait until you see the polar bear taking a pea….







…then you jump out and kick him in the ice-hole!!

the kickisGOOD




And that is how you catch a polar bear.


Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for coming by!


© C. S. Thompson, 2015.

Free Range Chicken

Posted in Animals, Birds, Comedy, Family, Fun and Entertainment, Humor, Insurance, Musing, Pets, Traveling, Video Clips with tags , , , on March 21, 2015 by Morguie

God Bless the folks at Geico Insurance! We fell in love with this ad, which we noticed for the first time earlier in the week. It is so sweet, the cute way they portrayed this lovely Buff Orpington hen, as she took in the sights and sounds from her perch in a box car.  Sure makes us miss our good little buff hens…if only just a little.

Have a great day all!

Timeless Lesson In Working Toward Something Worthwhile

Posted in Cherished memories, childhood, Children, Family, Gratitude, Inspiration, Life, Luxury, Musing, Parenting, Thought For Today on March 15, 2015 by Morguie

Thought for today —


   “All life demands struggle. Those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life. The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today.”

― Pope Paul VI



Anything worth having requires working a bit harder for. Very few things in life can be better appreciated that that which requires a fair amount of desire and determination…dedication and elbow grease to acquire.

Children now seldom understand this without being put to the task. SO much is taken for granted…so much is expected and is often received without the benefit of the lesson of what it is to actually earn it.  It is important for us to remember our own longing for a certain little ‘luxury’ or special item so that we can give the reward of this lesson to our own children.


It is no surprise that here in America, very few people have managed to put away any measurable amount of  earnings into a savings account…with the ample variety of credit or installment plans, folks who want something NOW often get it NOW. Sometimes it’s good to step back and save for extras…it helps us to realize what we feel about that thing’s necessity in our life by taking the time to gradually save up and pay for it in cold, hard cash.  Many impulsive purchases would be avoided as well as the debt load that keeps many a soul awake with worry.

Can we go back, or has the world of ‘instant gratification’ moved beyond the point of no return?

Sometimes we wonder about this  —- especially during those occasions when we find ourselves longing for kinder, simpler times of our past. Somehow all of the comforts of today do not quite give that gentle happiness and joy…we wonder, again, what the magic is that seems to be lacking.


The sense that sacrifice and struggle add a little more appreciation for things we hold dearer? Perhaps that’s it.

Then again, we awaken to the current moment,  admitting that everything seems a little sweeter when looking back with a sentimental heart.

Peace to all…and thanks for coming by!

CJ and the Mouse


© C. S. Thompson, 2015.

Crackers and Bits: Bliss of Married Life

Posted in Comedy, Crackers and Bits, Family, Friendship, Fun and Entertainment, Hope, Humor, Kindness, Life, Love, Marriage, Musing, Parenting, Pet peeves and annoyances, Relationships, Thought For Today, Truth, Video Clips, Wisdom on January 14, 2015 by Morguie

The honeymoon…well, it’s o-v-e-r.

But not really…the little stuff one never seems to notice about the spouse just happens to be more noticeable after the afterglow.

Remember kids, it is the little stuff in life we stress over that really, in the end, doesn’t amount to anything.

It just irritates us in such a way as to make us feel it IS important.

So give each other a hug and a kiss and try to see things from the other’s point of view…then, go out and have some real quality time together…enjoy each other!

Enjoy these ‘universal issues’ in the cute clips we have for you today! Sending a shout out to Holly, CJ’s daughter, for bringing these to our attention!

P.S. Please hit the “LIKE” button on your way out, and thank you!





©C.S. Thompson, 2015.

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