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Sheldon Takes OnThe Woodpile

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I Just Love Watermelon and Salad!!!  Mmmmm!

I Just Love Watermelon and Salad!!! Mmmmm!


Hehe…when Mommy isn’t around I like to be a bad boy!


Huh? What, Mommy? Oh, the wind blew me here! One minute I was minding my business like a good boy…the next thing I knew, I landed here!

Hi everybody…we wanted to give the floor to Sheldon, our desert tortoise, today. He woke up from his long winter’s nap rather early this year. He was up in early March…usually he doesn’t come alive until about mid-May or early June. He is healthy and back to his normal, toddler-like self..getting into places he thinks will avail an escape.


Who’s a trouble-making toddler? Surely, not I! I am a sweet and innocent a guy as you’ll EVER meet. Really.

He doesn’t like fences. The bigger area we give him to roam, the more area he seems to want. Please enjoy our very own home video taken a year or so ago of his typical exploits. This was a wood-pile incident we think you’ll like and laugh at as you watch…

(Please forgive our shaky start on the clip…we aren’t well-versed with the video camera maneuvering…it DOES straighten out pretty quickly, however. Turn up the sound to hear the play-by-play dialogue!)


Thanks for coming by all!

CJ and Mousie and Sheldon, too!

©C.S. Thompson, 2015.

Video is the sole creative property of ©C.S. Thompson, 2015.

So Thankful and Incredibly Blessed

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For All of these and so much more…


So many wonderful things to be thankful for, every  day!


My Heavenly Creator, from Whom all things come, including my free will;    035


My family;


my ¬†Sweetheart, the life we’ve made together, the love we share, and the good times we’ve had;


my caring and supportive friends;


Wise mentors who lend perspective to widen my views;


Good Samaritans and unnamed others whose words and deeds came when hope was low;


my health, home, and sustenance of daily life;


blessings and extra comforts so many others deserve but do not have;


a life with a sense of purpose, using my writing talent here


and in a leading funeral trade journal;


the love and encouragement  I receive from so many people;


hope, forgiveness, compassion, and humility;




a little mouse to inspire me, lend a voice to my thoughts, and tell the world my story,

even if he isn’t exactly ‘real;’ ¬† ¬† ūüôā




the service men and women who bravely defend my country;


peace officers, medics, and fire dept. people keeping safety and order around me;


Sheldon, my tortoise;


Shadow, my loyal angel-dog;


self-control and patience for Hunter, the devil-pup ūüėõ


and a life of special memories, experiences, and meaningful lessons;


that I was born in America, the Land of The Free,


where these things are mine to enjoy without fear, torture, or retribution


and most of all—


a heart to fully cherish, love, and feel SO MUCH for ALL of the above.




Happy Thanksgiving to All. We have certainly been blessed to call you friends.


CJ and Morguie

©C.S. Thompson, 2014.






3 Birthdays and A Pain In The Butt

Posted in Animals, Cemetery, Children, Death, Family, Life, Losing A Parent, Love, Remembrance, Sheldon the Tortoise, Tradition on September 25, 2014 by Morguie

This past week my beautiful “puppy” Shadow turned 13! He’s so special to me. He ‘belongs’ to his “Mom.” I am so happy to have such a great doggy. We took him to the vet yesterday for his routine vaccines and the vet said thirteen was¬†really good. ¬†Code for: ‘Wow, 13! Very old for a Lab.’

Yes. I know. But he’s still running around and for the most part, healthy. He’s a bit arthritic in the old hips. Eyes are getting a bit dim, too. It’s coming up on the annual hunting season; he doesn’t know he’s going to be staying home with his “Mom” this time. He absolutely lives for this time of year. We decided he’s got to stay back. He can’t jump up into the truck and do all that bird-chasing now.

I think I will take him to the groomer’s the day that “Daddy” ¬†and the pup leave for the ¬†trip. We’ll find stuff to do around here that’s fun for he and I. He’s my angel.


Happiest 13th Birthday, dear Shadow!


September is also the tortoise’s ‘designated’ birthday, haha. I adopted him in mid-September a few years ago, and that’s when I call it his birthday, too. Frankly, we can only guess at his age. Recently, he had a health problem and I took him to the vet — no easy selection of those that¬†handle desert tortoise illness — had to call around and get advice first. Found a local vet and got Sheldon fixed up. I was tasked with administering injections every day for 2 weeks. The vet estimated him to be somewhere between 10 and 15 years old. The vet also cautioned: He might be a SHE! Too soon to be 100% sure. Fella’s got no fixed age and no fixed sex…fella’s got issues!


Sheldon is definitely feeling better now and back to being the little cantankerous toddler he’s always been. Caught him straddling a post just the other day, jammed up and high-centered. Typical for the little devil!IMG_1149

Happy Birthday, Shelly…



The 22nd would have been my Dad’s 77th birthday. I wanted to go to the cemetery, but I have been afflicted with a mean flare up of sciatica. A royal pain in the ass…literally.It’s kept me right here at home, in the bed, mostly this past week. That didn’t prevent me from thinking of him. I didn’t get the overwhelming sadness, either. Perhaps, it is getting a little easier to pass this day…


My kids took flowers and visited, instead. I sure would be lying if I said I didn’t miss my Dad. Oh…but miss him…I do.

Here is the obituary I wrote for him, printed four years ago in the local paper:SCAN0103SCAN0104Daddysgrave

Happy Birthday, Daddy. I miss you. I Love You Always.

Sheldon the Tortoise Has A July 4th Message

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IMG_0892 ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Hi Everybody! Sheldon, here…

I am your “Guest Post” Blogger on this July 4th. ¬†¬†My message is simple.

 My feelings are true. I Am A Proud American,  as are  many of  you.

 Take A Moment to think of this Great Country, today.

 Think of those who guard it and her people by day and by night.

  Stand up for her, and all she offers  to you. Give to her what she needs of you.

 Vote.  Display Old Glory with Pride, Respect, Dignity.

 Be gracious, be honorable, be loyal to your Country, YOUR America.

¬†Go forth safely, on this birthday of our Nation, with the freedom to move about —

¬†¬†In appreciation for your freedom to speak, to worship, to pursue a dream…

 Give a salute to all that is represented by The Red, White, and Blue.

This image was selected as a picture of the we... H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y,  U.S.A. !!!!   


I Just Love Watermelon and Salad!!!  Mmmmm!

I Just Love Watermelon and Salad!!!

  DIG   IN !!!!!!!    

Everything in moderation for today's celebration...

Everything in moderation for today’s celebration..










English: Mall of America Rotunda Flag

English: Mall of America Rotunda Flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


(Photo credit: jaredpolin




English: fireworks seen across the at Washingt...

English: fireworks seen across the at Washington, D.C., USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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