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Scared To Death

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This is interesting!

Can you literally be ‘scared to death?’



We hope you enjoyed today’s fascinating post, which is credited to ASAP Science.

To learn much more about oddities and phenomena that science is behind go to

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CJ and Morguie

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We’re Globetrotting, Sort Of

Posted in Life, Nature, Pets, Technology, Traveling with tags on November 16, 2014 by Morguie

Hi there everyone…Mousie and CJ coming to you from Daytona Beach, Florida. Last week was a bit overwhelming and we weren’t able to post our upcoming plans to be away for this week. Now that we are 3000 miles from home, we find there are problems staying in touch. We are currently experiencing some technical issues with connectivity, so this may be the only chance to get thru.  bloodyheadbangWe are sending our love and a pic of tonight’s lovely sunset as it was seen from our 6th floor west-facing balcony…the east-facing view from our place is, well, boring…just an ocean full of waves coming in, going back out, repeat, repeat, repeat. Boring.

Later this week, Mousie gets his wish and will go to Uncle Mickey’s Disneyworld. CJ is just hoping Mousie doesn’t get lost in the baggage shuffle again like he did in Omaha last month.

Have a lovely week. We’ll be back soon with pics from the latest adventure.


Special Feature: World Class Travel at It’s Most Decadent

Posted in Airplane, Animals, FOOD, Fun and Entertainment, Life, Luxury, Pets, Re-Blogged from, Technology, Traveling on October 21, 2014 by Morguie

Hey Everybody! C J here…I am back!  However, Mousie missed his connection, umm, I mean there was a goof with the  baggage check-thru.  Somehow he went on to see Cincinnati, Ohio…snafu in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Or could’ve been Omaha.

Anyway, not to worry, the airline will deliver him later —at least,  I hope so.  Otherwise I get a voucher for $750 to replace him…is that a hoot or what?! That WOULD BUY A LOT OF CRACKERS!

Awww, you all know I am only making a joke!  OF COURSE, MOUSIE will return. 

He is the star of this show, after all….I’d be out to the curb if the Mousie weren’t here. He gets all the love!

In the meantime, I have a bunch of stuff to attend to before I can write a real post.  This story was featured on “” —  I wish it were a video…but this guy writes about his adventure so perfectly that you will almost feel like you are witnessing things as they unfold.

It’s his adventure taking the ULTIMATE FLIGHT of PURE LUXURY, unlike any other.

The phenomenal fare for this excursion would be far too much to pay for an airplane ride, even if I could pay it without worry.

I had to laugh out loud when he mentioned he was “cash-poor” but ‘airline miles rich’…  you’ll find out, lol…

…and this young man could REALLY put away some serious eats, as well! I’m thinking: tapeworm?  Bwahahaa! Kidding!  I wondered just exactly HOW MANY airline rewards miles  it would  take to cover THIS ride???  

Enjoy! We shall return a bit later…perhaps tomorrow.

CJ,  sans the Rodent, gosh darn it I sure miss the little guy!




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One Smart Fortune Cookie

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In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don’t try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present.

― Lao Tzu


Lao Tzu, traditionally the author of the Tao T...

Lao Tzu, traditionally the author of the Tao Te Ching (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Wish this guy was here to see how complicated things have become. We sure could benefit more from making do with a little less. What do you think?






English: fortune cookie Deutsch: Glückskeks


Wiki Factoid: Fortune cookies are often served as a dessert in Chinese restaurants in the United States and some other countries, but are absent in China. The exact origin of fortune cookies is unclear, though various immigrant groups in California claim to have popularized them in the early 20th century, basing their recipe on a traditional Japanese cracker.The slips of paper with vague prophecies are said to be a purely American invention.

On March 30, 2005, a record 110 second-prize winners won  playing Power Ball…thanks to the numbers printed on fortunes inside cookies made by Wonton Food, Inc. which makes 4 million cookies a day for several different vendors. How do they know the numbers came from fortunes? Nearly all of the winners had selected the same Power Ball number “40” — that’s how.

Each of those prizes was worth $100,000-500,000, depending on whether they paid extra an $1 for “Power Play” multiplier feature. WOW! The top prize paid on that draw was $13.8 million, because the Power Ball # was actually 42, which was machine-drawn, or quick-picked.



English: Confucius Lao-tzu and Buddhist Arhat ...

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