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Special Feature : Veteran’s Day 2014

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Honoring the Fallen…here and in many, many other media, as well as most cemeteries, and military establishments, there will be honors, tributes, and ceremonies …we thought we would try to find something to present that most of us have never seen or been aware of, when it comes to ‘cultural’ differences in  various military funerary customs. The beauty and solemnity of the rituals in the clip below will surely leave an impression on you that won’t easily be forgotten.

God Bless All Who Serve In Defense of Their Country and to preserve Freedom, Liberty, and Human Rights which come at terrible expense through the bloodshed of war.


Please take a moment to see this clip of a U.S. Marine being honored by his Native American Lakota community in:

US Marines Lakota Indian Warrior Burial Ceremony


Dear School Principal: Why Are You Against Veterans Day?

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WE FOUND A VERY PROVOKING PIECE in ‘ Forums’ and thought we would share it with you today…it is followed by Starbucks Chairman,President, and CEO Howard Schultz’ video “For Love of Country.”

 God Bless America.
By Jacey
Dear School Principal: Why Are You Against Veterans Day?
Why would school principals object to asking students to mark Veterans Day? After all, it is an official United States
holiday and a federal holiday created to honor the military veterans who have served this country, sometimes dying
for this country.
Is it too much to ask students with a parent or sibling in uniform to bring in a photo? Is it too much to ask a vet to visit
the classroom or for students to write a letter? Some people think so.
Is noting Veterans Day too much to ask?
Ron Astor, a professor at the University of Southern California School of Social Work was shocked this year when he
got pushback against marking Veterans Day from civilian principals in the Los Angeles area.
Every year, Astor asked his graduate students who are serving internships in schools to find a way to mark Veterans
Day. The USC School of Social Work has done some excellent work centered on military children in schools over the
past several years. Their research has shown that creating the kind of public school environment in which educators
are sensitive to military students’ needs and circumstances can help to increase resiliency among military children.
That resiliency is something we all swear that we want for military kids. And the celebrations at various schools have
been met with warmth over the past few years. So what’s the big deal now?
Veterans Day a problem for some civilian principals
In his essay in the Huffington Post, Astor found that suddenly it was a big deal. Principals complained to him that this
would take time away from “academic learning.” Others said that Veterans Day wasn’t a big deal at their school since
they didn’t have a large military population—even though the research shows that one of the problems with military
kids is that they become invisible in schools. Astor wrote:

One principal was seriously concerned that we were violating the confidentiality of families by asking
them for photos of family members or by inviting veterans to speak at school–as if being a military or
veteran family is a clinical, psychological, or medical condition.

Is this the reaction our veterans can expect from schools in years to come?
In the past 13 years of war, the country has been glad to salute the military, glad to contribute to nonprofits, glad to
host a pancake breakfast to benefit wounded warriors or hoist a flag on July 4.
But now we are entering a time when the last Marine combat unit has left Afghanistan and the remaining troops
scramble to get all their equipment home by the December 31 deadline. Yet, even now as we are sending troops out
to deal with Ebola and Navy ships continue on their round of deployments, the urgency to recognize the military and
the contribution of our veterans fades.
In some ways, I’m sure that is how it should be — the natural ebb and flow of human interest.

Yet isn’t that why we have a Veterans Day, so that even in the busyness of a year we take a day to mark the service
of all those who donned a uniform to protect the rest of us?
It is one day. It is 15 minutes in homeroom to ask if any students have a family member in uniform. It is a 30 second
note of how many people in our state currently serve and how that affects the economy. It is a math problem that
invokes the budget of the Department of Defense. It is a moment in a history class or geography class or social
studies class to notice the sacrifices made and the historical gains created by those who served.

It is one day, School Principal. Veterans Day is November 11.

And, really, it is not too much to ask.



Starbucks’ Announcement for Veteran’s Day

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Pass it on…


Priceless Sacrifice

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It is almost 2 years since this video was made and this soldier honored. It is never too late to quietly give up a thoughtful moment of gratitude, though.

For this fallen soldier and all of those before and to come yet ahead…we are grateful for that  sacrifice.  This ultimate gift of courage is honorable. It deserves solemn respect and dignity.

I can’t imagine the great loss and devastation his family must know. I hope there will be some comfort in the purpose of his duty, his willingness to risk everything, and courage to die for something he felt was worth fighting for.


If you don’t stand for something, you’re liable to fall for anything.


We salute you all…allied forces and our own men and women in uniform!










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