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Morguie Speaks Up For Chickens

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Think  you HUMANS have the market cornered on carrying the burden of life’s worries

on your shoulders,  stressing out over the day-to-day needs that must be met if you are to

keep alive… gym, tan, laundry   food, shelter, clothing, etc. ? Oh, and a new iPhone. Right?



Guess what? W_R_O_N_G_O, pal!



Ever heard of :



B A L D    C H I C K E N S ??????  Yep. It IS a real problem. Thank goodness, someone has help for that.

chicken-sweaters-08-300x229Chicken sweaters, of course!  Yes, sweaters.







FREE Pattern. No strings attached!   AND, this is a way cool site for PEOPLE, as well.

Thanks to the folks here:





HEY. Did I detect somebody snickering?

You are a cruel and horrid creature to laugh at chicken baldness! So stop it!

Don’t be rude, dude.



Ok. Stop, now, ok. Good. Thanks.



Yeah, okay I giggled too, at first…till I paid a visit to the kind-hearted site which features help for rescue chickens that are destined for slaughter after they are done on production farms…a sort of old-age adoption to regular folks until they reach their NATURAL end-of-life time.





Seriously, dude in the back…contain yourself…ok? Wow. SO rude.




Karma loves to bite laughers when they least expect.


You won’t be laughing when you realize that

you seem to have misplaced your pants…they’re  simply, missing…

and…uh oh, you are NOT going to like this bit of news, but Karma just took off

down the street with them…hey dude, you might want to cover yourself up, at that point…


…the rest of us will see that a bald chicken has nothing on you…





Aha, I just knew you could understand!


Let’s see where was I going with this…


OH! YES…chicken rescues.

Bless those kind, humane and compassionate folks who help the abused,  neglected, elderly, or unwanted animals.

There is even enough love for the chickens, which is special to us, in our own hearts; we had some of our own for many years. (HECK NO, we did NOT eat them, either…only their eggs…so please perish that thought!)

Would you like to learn more?   site’s mission claims:

We are a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation, this means every donation that comes to us, goes back into the organisation much like a charity. Everybody who works and helps are here on a voluntary basis. We are a work in motion, everytime we have a rescue another enclosure is erected, or more poultry crates are bought.

Our aims are to give farmers another option to slaughter, as we and lots of you know these hens have so much more to give and many more years. We rehome the hens on to people like yourselves with a good pet home for life. 

We regularly save caged, barn and free range laying hens, and have set dates to collect from our regular farmers.

By the way, if you happen to appreciate this noble effort and would like to help out, they graciously accept donations and would love your help.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HAVING A CHICKEN OR TWO, or better, like five. They really are pretty cool pets. They eat weeds. They eat up most types of bugs. They make poop which is excellent for fertilizing soil in the garden. My poop, not so much.

They actually look forward to YOU coming outdoors to see them. They even run to you…funny  HYSTERICAL to see yes, but they miss you, AND they often expect a little snacky, like veggie peelings, stale bread, some old fruit as your token of appreciation. I mean, to see them break into that bizarr-o break-neck run….that deserves a spot on America’s Funniest Home Videos and a little treat, really.

Empty-handed is just wrong. Seriously. Wrong.

Do it once and find out. Yeah…so be nice a toss ’em a little something and keep the toes covered, too. Some more curious hens like toes.


C J says:

“Everybody should try to raise a few chickens at least once in their life — it’s an awesome way to teach your kids about animals and responsibilities…like the rescues…they are looking to place these older hens in homes for adoption. In return, many still lay fresh eggs.

What is not to love about the freshest, most delicious eggs you can get? The hens live just a few good years. Every other year we’d hatch some new chicks, which would end up being more roosters than hens, lol. We kept a little flock here for years, but we decided to let the last flock dwindle down, and gave the last few hens to a neighbor. They live there now. We can free ourselves up to go away on last-minute trips a lot easier this way. I preferred hens only, due to noise a rooster can produce. Which is a lot. All the time. They were a great learning experience for me and I enjoyed them a lot. I had names for my girls and appreciated  and respected them. They were all free-range, too.”



©2014, C.S. Thompson.

English: A chicken running Français : Un poule...

English: A chicken running (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


a tame hen being held being held in the U.K.

a tame hen being held being held in the U.K. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Crackers and Bits — Aye Aye!

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He’s baaaaaaaackkkkkkkkk!  Morguie resumes the helm as C J is unable to work on posting any pieces at the moment.




Hey there everyone! Welcome back! I am happy that so many enjoyed the “Tarsiers” I put up last week!

It was pretty funny, wasn’t it? I must confess, it’s these little weird animal bits that make me look pretty cute in comparison…







I mean, I don’t want to seem conceited here, but as a mouse, I think I might be getting cuter by the day, if you compared me to some of these less fortunately blessed, less handsome creatures…which brings me to wondering why science jumps to quick guesses about the lesser known animals in supposing that they might be automatically of rodentia family BEFORE they realize they were all wrong…of course, the primates earn my full respect (and condolences, too) especially now that an awful lot of these critters belong in that family…the red-headed step-children beaten with an ugly stick? At least!

Maybe that’s part of the problem…it’s not an easy life being a rodent, I can say that with certainty! But, in honesty, I am proud to be ME, just as I am. Look into my eyes and tell me you don’t think I’m just cute enough to love, just a wittle little teensy weensy bit? 

It could be ‘worse.’ Take a look at this poor little dude…the Aye Aye. Oddball name for an even more oddball-looking critter. Umm, trying not to judge, but I think this guy has a face that only his mother could really love.

Oh, shame on me! That was NOT nice. But, really…

And, with Mr. Morgan Freeman narrating the clip, as in the previous clips, it’s sure to coax a giggle…that man is ‘magical’ with his reading, to be sure!

As ever, I thank you again for gracing us with your visit today.

Hugs, Morguie the Mouse


Crackers and Bits — Tarsiers!

Posted in Animals, Comedy, Crackers and Bits, Friendship, Guest Post, Humor, Life, Nature, Pets, Wildlife on March 30, 2014 by Morguie

Who says you can’t laugh AND learn something at the same time? We really liked that cute Owl clip we shared with you a few posts back and decided to re-visit that place in Cyberspace to see if there was another little nugget…and we are happy to say, we were not to be disappointed. Here now, new host of his own little feature here…






Hey there everybody!! It’s time once again for Morguie’s  feature…






Thanks again for stopping by!!!




Crackers and Bits — Owls!

Posted in Animals, Birds, Comedy, Crackers and Bits, Guest Post, Humor, Life, Musing, Nature, Pets, Relationships, Wildlife on March 15, 2014 by Morguie









CJ finally got her new washer delivered— she’s buried in a backlog of laundry, and other human concerns…so I get a second post in a row!! Then she has tons of backlog in the reading of her followed blogs—she’s 2 weeks behind, now! So hang on kids, she WILL be around soon, she promises! 

For now, I get to show a

sweet little clip about owls that we saw on 

one of our fellow blogger’s sites recently…

It’s very cute, because of the owlets — C J’s favorite bird family is the owl.

What makes it so funny is the narrator’s voice! SO turn up the sound!

The voice-over is so much fun, I hit replay, to hear it again, lmao!

Okay, so I have more time than …well, LOTS of idle time, I’ll leave it at that.

Enjoy! Thanks again for coming to see MY show!!  xxx Morguie xxx



English: A friend had a nest of barn owls on t...





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