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Look In The Mirror

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Sometimes life can really get us down…pretty soon, everything seems wrong with the world as it directly pertains to YOU. You suck, basically.


I can admit I am my harshest critic…and NOBODY can beat me up more viciously than I CAN.   NOBODY.  I hate those times when I fall into that awful place…the one that makes me feel like I just can’t win for losing, for Pete’s sake!



We all have times like that, on occasion, where we have no idea of our own power, goodness, or even ‘beauty.’

Me? Beautiful? Sure, if you have cataracts.  I feel old, fat, washed up, over the hill, and unloveable as any human life form can feel about themselves.

It helps not, the fact that I am officially able and elderly enough to be a full-card-carrying member of AARP, which I cannot tell you, has been the goal since I was 35.

No! Not MY goal…AARP’s.   They had the audacity to send me a “pre-membership” card when I turned 35.  Talk about rounding up the herd and steering the cattle toward that slaughterhouse just up the road.  Nice that this heifer got fattened up just in time.

When nary is heard, a discouraging word…and the cows grow plumper each dayyyyyyyy.  See? Self-deprecating, is me.  Such a hard habit to break.

Like the cigs I am determined to quit before too much longer.  I have had it. No more.  Don’t like smoking and will be so happy to break the chains that bind me to nicotine.  Blech! I hate to stink. I am not fond of wheezing as I catch my breath after a little activity.  I won’t be tossing nearly $8  at them twice a week.

Cheer up, I say to myself. I am bound to have a better view of things…tomorrow.



That’s why it helps me so much to hear a small word of encouragement, something which lends a little hope for the new day of tomorrow.

Tomorrow is just a day away. What a difference a day makes. One day at a time, Sweet Jesus. Sleep on it tonight, things always seem clearer in the morning.

Whatever the case…I always know that things can be a whole lot worse. So, yeah, they could also do to improve a little, too.


This song in the video clip helps me realize that one should not give up hope on one’s self just because of a dark, down day or two. There is plenty in you that will make tomorrow worthwhile. The beauty lies within you.


Just…Look In The Mirror, Baby.

©C.S. Thompson, 2014.




A Problem Child

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Here’s a problem a lot of parents might only pray for! Their child has big, big trouble! Trouble deciding WHICH college he is going to pick!  KUDOS to this kid and the great family he was raised in!! This is beautiful! This is a great story I hope you will share with others — especially those others who have school-aged kids wanting to go to ivy-league schools someday.  This is a real “problem child!” 🙂   By the way….HE CHOSE YALE.

We know that here in America, EVERY person can have a dream, and go for it! Not every person who has a dream will reach that goal. Some will dream and just stop there. That’s not really ‘dreaming’ —that’s just making noise and idle chit-chat. If you want to be serious you have to show up with a plan and a  game face.  Gum-flapping precedes whining and excuse-making. I firmly believe anyone can manage the resources, connections, things, money… and stuff will come. BUT, there are at least four components that must be in place, IF you are going to be able to attain all that you need to get from Point A and see it to its completion:

  • DREAM: have a goal — be realistic.
  • DESIRE: you must want this dream more than all other things.
  • DETERMINATION: it’s the vehicle that will carry you.
  • DRIVE:  fuel for your vehicle – push and pull.                                                                                                                                    coffeecat


CJ Freefallin'

CJ Freefallin’





KIDS: Apply yourself, take advantage of the free education and stop goofing off when you could be getting somewhere meaningful with your life. Acting a fool and running with knuckleheads…is what it is. Being a thug will never get you any respect. Gangsta life won’t lead to the privileged life uptown. It will lead you to an early grave ( I buried LOTS, ask me…average life span of Los Angeles gangbanger is probably 25) or a life behind bars though. There’s a world of opportunities for the taking, so why are kids dropping out? Ignorance is not bliss in this case. Taking lives and people’s property is just so ridiculous and the parents of tomorrow’s thugs are very responsible for enabling such thuggery. Just my humble opinion. It never has to be that way when you plan responsibly for yourself.     Those who expect stuff just to materialize without putting ANY effort out at all, or just the minimum required, well…those are often the folks who tend to whine loudly about  inequality or injustice or unlevel playing fields. Those people are quite often never made to really work and sweat and sacrifice until it hurts to get to the goal. Sacrifices that hurt like leaving your little kids behind are no easy fete. Not when you’ve NEVER been apart. And, having to figure out how to sleep between two full days of school and work that managed to run into each other is awful hard. During your commute isn’t the time to nap. I know. Not while you’re the driver. Too sick to work or attend class? Tough. Got to make it to both anyway. Pray for Death, maybe he’ll help you out; not likely. SUCK IT UP. You CAN do it.  There is something to be said of achievement that comes as a result of struggle, hard work, and personal commitment. It feels so DESERVED. Cannot say this when it is ‘given’ to you. Nope. Even if NOBODY seems to support your dream or effort, it need not hinder you. You’ll be able to show the naysayers that you did it all anyway! There’s no time for those folks when you have work this important to do, anyhow.

For now, better remind yourself on a constant basis:



Your new mantra: I WILL see this thing through, I will make this effort and sacrifice and plan of mine pay off. I WILL have what I desire. I WILL reach my dream. I cannot quit. If I quit I  have decided I am defeated and no longer determined. Defeat is not an option I desire. Dreams worth reaching, require an investment from YOU. A commitment.  “Winners never quit…quitters never win…”

One has to have a burning DESIRE— those dreams are reachable if one has the DETERMINATION to see it through. And DRIVE to push himself, especially when it feels like its just too much work, taking too long, too hard to reach, or too big after all. Some people really break their tails to make it… and then, something tragic happens along the way that cuts them short of reaching their intended goal. THAT’S TRAGIC and HEARTBREAKING. Or, maybe you’ll get to the goal, and beyond your own control, stuff tragically happens that takes you out of the picture or cuts the goal away from your ability to enjoy your success of it.

For these truly disappointing circumstances: You’ll get my full sympathy every time. That’s because I can relate to that sort of tragedy, personally.   READ MY SUCCESS STORY >

It takes courage to take risks…but if you never try…you’ll never know what you could have done.


Now get out there and get going!  Hugs, CJ and Morguie

©2014, C.S. Thompson.




dreams and wishes. 62/365

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