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Legend of the Engagement Ring

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First engagement ring - 1.51ct princess cut di...

My mother received this card upon becoming engaged to Dad in the early 1960's- No inscription by sender so I believe it must have contained a letter at one time.

My mother received this card upon becoming engaged to Dad in the early 1960’s-
No inscription by sender so I believe it must have contained a letter at one time.


Recently, CJ’s mother handed her a bundle of cards she’d been keeping…apparently her mother had been going through her archive of stuff saved and wanted CJ to have them.


Among the items was an especially old Hallmark card.


A card made by Hallmark which celebrates engagement announcement; circa 1962

A card made by Hallmark which celebrates engagement announcement;
circa 1962





CJ wanted to share this piece of the long-ago past with you today. June is a popular wedding month, so it seemed appropriate.


We hope that you are charmed by the legend behind the custom of giving the engagement ring.


We found it intriguing and very romantic, too.






Pharaoh, the king of ancient Egypt, is often d...

Pharaoh, the king of ancient Egypt, is often depicted wearing the nemes headdress and an ornate kilt. Based on New Kingdom tomb paintings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Statue of pharaoh Amenhotep II of the...

English: Statue of pharaoh Amenhotep II of the 18th dynasty of Egypt  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Legend of the Engagement Ring


Long ago, in ancient Egypt, a Pharaoh fell in love with a beautiful young princess. Because of her youth, the princess’s father refused consent to their marriage. The Pharaoh, being a wise man, desired to have the father’s blessing, and so agreed to wait until the princess was of age. His love for her grew daily and he longed for some way to show his devotion to her while he was waiting for their marriage.


So he called in the royal jewelers and told them to search the land for the most precious stone in existence. The Pharaoh had the stone mounted on a ring of gold and took it to his loved one. As he slipped the ring on her finger, he told her, “Until I can place a wedding band on your finger and claim you for my bride, wear this ring as a reminder of my devotion. Just as the gem is priceless, so is my love for you.”


And down through the ages, the engagement ring has served as a pledge of true love and as a symbol to the rest of the world that two people have chosen to spend their lives together.


From the writings of Amenophis II- 7th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt








For a little bit of fun, we are including some links relevant to the topic:





Alas, all of this ring stuff makes for a rather sad realization …CJ married once, to the wrong guy, really didn’t have a ring set such as she really deserved…but then again, she didn’t have the kind of husband such as she deserved…touché!


She fully claims ownership of her choice to make that mistake…it was her own fault that she settled on less than she deserved.caketop




Sometimes she thinks about the mistake she made in that choice. On rare days, with an occasion befitting some finery that she wishes she had, she vows to herself that she will indeed go to her grave with a nice bauble on her hand, even if it kills her, come hell or high water.


She thinks it is a joy she should experience once…a joy of having something exquisite and expensive (a material possession) which can, even for just a moment or two, make her feel as special and precious as it is…a confirmation that she is worthy and deserving of such an experience.


Silly, huh?English: Diamond Engagement Ring with side sto...


All girls dream of getting to be a Princess, right?





Grieving Poor Choices Made



But she realizes that it’s just a “thing” and she’s truly not been a “thing” kind of girl, ever.


Besides, there’s little chance she’ll be a Princess, in this life…but she doesn’t rule it out entirely,  in case should there be a next life.


©2014, C.S. Thompson.




A Letter From Fred- B.Y.O.B. (bring your own box of tissue)

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The Spectral Bride

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freaky folk tales

The Spectral Bride

South Mimms, a small village in Hertfordshire, England, located near the busy junction of the M25 motorway, was once surrounded by uninterrupted countryside and better known for its picturesque views over Ridge-Hill than the service station that currently resides there.

In the late 19th century, however, the village gained something of a reputation, and it wasn’t long before newspaper reporters descended and reported on a tiny community that had become widely known as ‘The village that marriage had forgotten’.

The articles spoke of how romance had seldom come to the village, and reasoned as to why wedding bells had long been silent. Villagers were interviewed and spoke of a lack of eligible brides-to-be but behind closed doors gossip was rife, and folk spoke of something quite different:— that of a curse that had been placed upon the village.

The source of the haunting was a female ghost known as ‘The…

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EPISODE 23 — Until Death…

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CJ and I were busy with several bodies to get ready for various services, trips to airports, or visitations. It seems like when it rains, it pours. You never know what is in store when Death is at the helm.


The intercom rang for CJ…Mr. Becker said to get the first-call van loaded and ready for a house call in the boondocks. As soon as Bill arrived, we were off and down the road. Most city folks have a house number that is visible; it could be painted on an eave, the curb, or on a mailbox at the end of a driveway. Not so in the far-out rural areas. We had to track the mileage on the odometer and then count fence posts or phone poles once onto the dirt roads leading from the main highway. We pulled up into the driveway of a doublewide trailer surrounded by sheds and a yard full of animals. There was a small pond in front with a duck and some ducklings, two dogs, a goat, and a sheep. A lazy cat stretched out on a porch step.

An older woman opened the torn screen door. She had a weather beaten, lined face. A cigarette smoldered in an over-full ashtray on the kitchen table. The house was cluttered, if not a bit crowded with bric-a-brac, magazines, and old newspapers. More overflowing ashtrays scattered about the room. CJ took the information from the hospice nurse who was in the bedroom with Mr. Clarke. Bill went back to the van to get the gurney. Cause of death was no surprise: metastatic carcinoma of the lungs.



CJ walked back into the living room and spoke to the woman, “Mrs. Clarke? Will you be coming into the office this afternoon to finish the paperwork and completing the final details of the arrangements for Mr. Clarke?” The woman said she’d have to call Mr. Clarke’s only daughter, Beverly, from a previous marriage. Then, perhaps she’d be able to get a better idea of things.

“Bev is John’s daughter from his first wife. She does not speak to me. Even though John and I have been together for thirty-three years that girl refuses to recognize or respect me,” lamented the woman.

A little later, a woman arrived, said she was here to take care of her father’s details. She had a long, thin face, and sterile blue eyes. Her hair was combed back into a severe pony tail, lending more harshness to her features. The dour expressionless face of this woman only added years to her age.  Her demeanor was devoid of any warmth. She set about tying up the father’s pre-need arrangements without a word more than was required as she tersely answered occasional questions.

Mr. Becker asked Bev about Mrs. Clarke. Would she be coming in to sign a couple of papers? Bev snapped back, “Of course NOT. I am the legal next-of-kin, she is NOT!” Mr. B looked puzzled. “My father took up with that Helen woman some thirty odd years ago; however, they were never married. They merely lived together, that is all. I never could abide by that living arrangement; I found it impossible to talk Dad out of her. Mom was barely cold in her grave when he brought this awful woman home to live with him.”  Bev finished signing the various papers and consent forms. There would be no memorials. Only a simple cremation, with the cremated remains to be given to Bev.  No obituary notice. That was it.

Now it was easy to see what created this vitriol in Bev. Her father found another love soon after the death of her mother and she found this to be unforgiveable.

 A couple of weeks later, a call came from a very distraught “Mrs. Clarke,” who was served with a formal eviction notice ordering her to vacate the only home she’d known for decades. She wanted to know if this was ‘legal’, being she was Clarke’s ‘common-law’ wife. Mr. B tried to calm the poor woman down, while he attempted to explain that in this state there was no such thing as ‘common-law’ marriage and that the law did not recognize such a status. He suggested she find an attorney… regretted he could not be of more help; grimly, he hung the phone up.

 Mr. Clarke’s daughter had the legal right to strip this poor woman of her home and any of the belongings she had accumulated with Mr. Clarke over the years. How unfortunate that Bev harbor such deep resentment that she lose her humanity and heart! She lived 2500 miles away, without any need to keep the home for herself; why was she compelled to oust the poor woman who had nowhere else to go? Surely, Mr. Clarke wouldn’t have wanted this for the lady who stood beside him in sickness and health, who shared many years of mutual affection and happiness. Or would he? One had to wonder why this was allowed to happen in this way.

We never heard from Mr. Clarke’s daughter or Helen again. A lot of years have since passed…

 However sad, it was an example that we shared with others who invoked or assumed a ‘common-law’ marital status in dealing with us. All people need to familiarize themselves with laws and statutes that cover personal rights, protections, and legal responsibilities. Ignorance is not an option. It’s the enemy.

©C.S.Thompson, 2013. DIGITAL CAMERA

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