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Musing With Mousie

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Recently, the Mouse received a piece of ‘fan mail.’

This is pretty exciting since both of us are very flattered to have so many nice people

“following” us here on our blog. We are very humbled indeed that we are able to help even 

ONE person here, let alone several, as they come to read about things we talk about. But first,

we want to say that we are so relieved, at least for this moment, that the big

political fight in Washington D.C. is over and everything is calm again.

Recently, we wrote a few posts expressing our disgust and outrage at the nation’s 

leadership for denying our military families their death benefits, etc. 

It made us so upset!  WE pay the bills. We should not suffer because THEY 

cannot get their act together. WE will do our best next time,

to select more qualified, competent people

to run things when elections come around again.

WE obviously made some very poor selections

judging from what we all bore witness to in the past weeks. 

 We will hop down off of our soapbox, and stay down, now. We don’t 

like getting up there—frankly, it makes us both a little dizzy up there.

Besides, it cuts into the time and energy we use for the real important

stuff this blog was intended for.



Mousie says:



IMG_0544 Presidential Hearse

IMG_0544 Presidential Hearse (Photo credit: ArturoYee)

Have a wonderful day all…and we hope, a much better week than the last.

Thanks again for your support!

me09282013                                        C J and the Little Mouse



Morguie’s Scandal

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It has come to our attention that a wildly untrue and wickedly spreading rumor is churning about out there about the Mouse…and so it is our responsibility to clear this up, IMMEDIATELY!!!

…We want to assure all of our readers and followers, that the Mouse is NOT GUILTY…


….HE BIT HIM IN ………THE …A   S  S  !!!!!!mousecringe

THUS: The Death Benefits To Our Fallen Soldiers’ Families Will Now Be Restored!

We hope that this sets things straight. Thank you.

CJ and the Furry Rodent


©2013, C.S. Thompson.

After hours — Just A Mouse In The House

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sepia bench

What could be a more dramatic opening for a ‘mortuary’ blog than the spooky setting of a darkened, quieted, and mysterious funeral home? We don’t know. But, it sparked your interest, didn’t it?

This blog is a journal of sorts, of a mouse who is a solitary soul dwelling within a mortuary. Naturally, you may ask, how it is that a mouse somehow transmits any intelligible information, much less communicates these thoughts to become a published journal?  And assuming such a fantastic feat could actually take place in the real-world, just who is the receiver and transcriber of this data? And WHY for heaven’s sake should a mouse bother, even?

Wake up, kids! It’s the INTERNET! Anything is possible right here on the Internet, RIGHT?


Morguie wants to speak to those readers who have more care and concern for simple day-to-day life and the underlying events which unfold for the humans encountered in the journal’s entries. Morguie’s perspective may be taken seriously, for further thought, and perhaps deeper reflection so that the reader may see some pearl of inter-personal wisdom or a glimmer of grace, humor, hope, forgiveness, or even a glimpse of the reader’s own soul. He prefers to speak to your inner-child, who is without judgment, and of the thought that anything can be possible. He’ll happily accept anyone who will fairly give him a moment and a chance. Actually ANYBODY with a bit of stale bread …

  Nothing in his entries is ever meant to be offensive, zealous, vitriolic, syrupy, patronizing, bloody gross, smelly or made with any disrespect or indignity. But sometimes, well…hey, yeah, death gets a bit…UNpleasant.

SOMETIMES, the posts MAY CONTAIN crackers, peanuts, and other edibles…the state made us put that in due to the food allergy rules.


  And if DEATH, the topic*, should cause you some discomfort and feelings of terror, he won’t mind if you leave the room, um, er, now. We recommend you stay, because, hey, you might just like us anyway!

 If that leaves just those with a healthy curiosity to the reading audience, Morguie says, “Welcome! Come On In!”

 CJ just happened to cross paths with the mouse, in much the same way as anyone might. It was the strange compassion within CJ, who had been tasked with the effective and permanent disposal of Morguie, that caused the wretched creature to be spared. This reprieve came with a condition: the mouse must take extraordinary care not to be seen or heard by the humans coming and going from the building. Failure of the mouse to uphold his end of the deal was surely cause for execution.


CJ, in turn, would keep the mouse and his journal alive in hopes of creating something good to share with others. Morguie ‘s real worry then, being detected. CJ’s hands would be tied if he were to get careless. Yep, the dreaded guillotine of the famous snap-trap or even worse, Chester, the housecat, predator in charge. Bye bye blog.


So, if you will kindly indulge him, allow Morguie  to introduce himself, and tell you a little about how he came to dwell here, in this old funeral parlor…

*We tossed that line in because we really don’t know if you “caught onto the idea” yet with the category, tags, clever blog site title, or other clues we’ve left lying about, so far. 

 never say never because that would limit our imaginations and stunt our thinking, which we are vehemently opposed to.

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