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Dead People: Crypt of The Capuchin Monks

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Capela dos Ossos in Évora

Capela dos Ossos in Évora (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Capela dos ossos en Faro, capital del Algarve,...

Capela dos ossos en Faro, capital del Algarve, Portugal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There is a sacred space in the catacombs of Rome — an ossuary (a chest, building, well, or site made to serve as the final resting place of human skeletal remains–wikipedia) which is dedicated as the tomb for possibly 4000 Capuchin clerics. Much can be found regarding how these bones came to be placed within this extensive tunnel- lined underground burial place, and we have included some links, below.

Additionally, there are SEVERAL other locations with similar crypts, one in particular which holds a significant inscripted poem, beseeching the visitors to think about death. Capela dos Ossos in Portugal, serves to remind us of our mere mortality and temporary station in the world as humans.


Capela dos ossos' entrance warning ("We b...

Capela dos ossos’ entrance warning (“We bones, lying here, for yours we wait”) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our goal was more to point out the interesting poem that can be found within the walls of this place.

We felt that was more thought-provoking and appropriate to the subject of the meaning of life, and death, and where we figure in the scheme of things when each of us gets down to it, really.

We felt it was trying to tell us, as we looked at the eerie bones stacked up along the walls, and into the fleshless skulls piled high: Hey YOU, do not hurry past us so quickly! Your curiosity brought you this far, now stay a minute and LOOK at US! SEE us? YES! We are dead, and you, my friends, shall be dead too, someday. Yes, it IS an uncomfortable thought isn’t it? But we want you to slow down and think about who we were, what we were, what we did in life, what we contributed to the world as living human beings—then we want you to think about what YOU are doing with your own life, with your own gifts, and what you are giving to your own world around you. Are you making the best of what you have and doing what you ought? The longer you pause to ponder these things here, the wiser you shall be, the better you shall hope, the better you shall live out your days afterward…

We are crediting the

following to the Wikipedia where it included a number of pages dedicated to this place and its history, and this wonderful, solemn poem—in the original Italian along with an English translation:

English: Evora, Capela dos Ossos (Church of bo...

English: Evora, Capela dos Ossos (Church of bones) detail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Capela dos Ossos

Capela dos Ossos (Photo credit: G_Morales)



Inside the Capela dos Ossos a poem about the need to reflect on one’s existence hangs in an old wooden frame on one of the pillars. It is attributed to Fr. António da Ascenção Teles, parish priest of the village of São Pedro (wherein the Church of Saint Francis with its Capela dos Ossos was erected) from 1845 to 1848.

Aonde vais, caminhante, acelerado?
Pára…não prossigas mais avante;
Negócio, não tens mais importante,
Do que este, à tua vista apresentado.

Recorda quantos desta vida têm passado,
Reflecte em que terás fim semelhante,
Que para meditar causa é bastante
Terem todos mais nisto parado.

Pondera, que influido d’essa sorte,
Entre negociações do mundo tantas,
Tão pouco consideras na morte;

Porém, se os olhos aqui levantas,
Pára…porque em negócio deste porte,
Quanto mais tu parares, mais adiantas.

por Padre António da Ascenção

Where are you going in such a hurry traveler?
Stop … do not proceed;
You have no greater concern,
Than this one: that on which you focus your sight.

Recall how many have passed from this world,
Reflect on your similar end,
There is good reason to reflect
If only all did the same.

Ponder, you so influenced by fate,
Among the many concerns of the world,
So little do you reflect on death;

If by chance you glance at this place,
Stop … for the sake of your journey,
The more you pause, the further on your journey you will be.

by Fr. António da Ascenção (translation by Fr. Carlos A. Martins, CC)

©2014, C.S. Thompson.


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Thought For Today — Hunter S. Thompson

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“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a

pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke,

thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”


Today, we decided to throw out some thoughts about one of our favorite observations about the state of leaving this world, as stated by the one and only Hunter S. Thompson. If you’d never had the strange, yet weirdly fascinating enjoyment of reading any of Mr. Thompson’s works, you may miss this point. For those who are familiar with this “Gonzo” journalist, you may understand how difficult it is too aptly describe a man so complex, so completely ridiculous, so funny…the sad thing is, we wonder: did he really live up to his own ideal of leaving his human existence, his body, in the way that he believed one should?

Our favorite work of his, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas allows us to understand that the man enjoyed partaking in the trials, and adventuresome errors, of a variety of mind-bending chemical substances; by getting this excellent voyeuristic tour of such madness, we were able to come to the conclusion that perhaps, yes, he did indeed leave the earth as he described he would or wanted to.

Cover of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:...

Cover via Amazon

Unfortunately, for those who saw so much more in his work and in him as a person, he left us in a way that may or may not have been surprising, but still left us grieving, no matter: he died by suicide.

And yes, we felt it was a pity. But we cannot know the tortures that pursued the man’s personal thoughts, feelings, or decision in the end that brought him to the ultimate moment…the moment he chose to squeeze the trigger and bring down the final curtain. So we do not judge.

We do hope that if you haven’t had the pleasure yet, check out a copy of “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas” — if nothing else, you’ll find yourself laughing so hard, you may draw strange looks…and if you can’t find the time to read, the second option is the movie by the same title.

©2014, C.S. Thompson.

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Hunter S. Thompson, Miami Book Fair I...

English: Hunter S. Thompson, Miami Book Fair International, 1988 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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Remembering the Challenger Crew | NASA

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Remembering the Challenger Crew

Remembering the Challenger Crew | NASA.

UPDATE: 01/31/2014 NASA Honored the losses of all three of their disasters…

Sharon Christa McAuliffe received a preview of...

Sharon Christa McAuliffe received a preview of microgravity during a special flight aboard NASA’s KC-135 “zero gravity” aircraft. A special parabolic pattern flown by the aircraft provides shore periods of weightlessness. These flights are often nicknamed the “vomit comet” because of the nausea that is often induced. McAuliffe represented the Teacher in Space Project aboard the STS 51-L/Challenger when it exploded during take-off on January 28, 1986 and claimed the lives of the crewmembers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I cannot believe this slipped past me…I missed putting it up at the start of January 28. The Challenger was built here where I live, practically across the street from where I sit typing this. I can clearly remember the pride of the people here as we walked this ship down one of our city streets as it was being rolled from its birthplace, in the hangars at the Palmdale Grumman plant to the Edwards A.F.B.

I’ll never forget the day of this tragic accident. I was getting into the car to go over to the printer’s to pick up my wedding invitations. I can still see the images play in my mind of the incredible after-launch explosion. I remember too, Christa McAuliffe’s classroom of students was also watching — I wondered how hard that had to be, explaining to those little kids that their teacher just died, right before their eyes, on live television.

In a couple more days, we have another Shuttle disaster to remember, the Columbia. It too was born right here. God Bless America and those souls who have given all in the name of understanding the space frontier.


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Welcome To Life After Death: 2052 A.D.

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English: ANgel_F, the child artificial intelli...

English: ANgel_F, the child artificial intelligence son of Derrick re Kerckhove and the Biodoll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Hello, and welcome to Life.
We regret to inform you that your previous existence ended on January 14, 2052…’

We found an interesting, albeit slightly off-putting, video snippet via “Upworthy” this morning. CJ having had only one cup of her morning coffee down, snapped to life as though she’d drunk the entire pot upon conclusion of the clip.

Previous existence? Ended, ahhh, but no worries, friend! Look here, we have a backup copy on the cloud, all one needs now is to decide on which plan to go with…we’ll have you up and running in a few moments. Just like plug-and-play software, like a system restore…accept the term and conditions and you’ll be all set…holy hard drives, Batman!


She rushed off to find out more about this proposed concept of  ‘the singularity.’

I however, am a mouse, and I rushed off to sneak something to nibble on before she got back…


CJ returned with a Wiki snippet explaining the odd concept:

The technological singularity, or simply the singularity, is a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence, radically changing civilization, and perhaps human nature.[1] Since the capabilities of such an intelligence may be difficult for a human to comprehend, the technological singularity is often seen as an occurrence (akin to a gravitational singularity) beyond which the future course of human history is unpredictable or even unfathomable.
Moore's Law, The Fifth Paradigm.

Moore’s Law, The Fifth Paradigm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"The Singularity is Near" by Raymond...

“The Singularity is Near” by Raymond Kurzweil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raymond Kurzweil, an American academicand author.

Raymond Kurzweil, an American academic and author. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Does that mean mice, too?

I hope not, for my own sake. One lifetime is quite enough, thanks. I plan to live my simple life out, with care and hopefully, some purpose, and then when it’s time: to do as all living organisms must do…return to the earth. BUT, not anytime soon, mind you…humans are fixated, it seems, on their hopeful immortality and eternal youth. Mice aren’t. Hey, but the humans sure are quick to snatch a mouse up and inject it full of anti-aging youth juice!

Thankfully I only have one or two clear and present dangers to be wary of: Chester the Cat and those guillotines out in the front parlor. CJ is tasked with keeping Mr. B assured that the house is mouse-free.  cropped-mousecringe.jpg

Fellow blogger, even if a little out there and edgy with some of his observations,  RobPop at, may have it right indeed:

Humans Are Weird. Blavatar

C J  would be 88 years old when the so-called super-artificial intelligence age kicks in. As long as she continues to suck on those cancer sticks, though, I wouldn’t bet on it!

So weird they’ll do anything to get around that idea that they should have to wither up and die at some point? Weird- scared. Weird-death-phobic.  We aren’t sure.

A guy named Tom Scott created this video and has a channel over on You Tube — – Or: what you see when you die.

We want to know how you feel about it after you see this!

©C.S. Thompson, 2013-14.

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